Ever since Hannah came into Booth’s life, Bones fans have creatively plotted ways on how to break up the happy couple (or even take her out of the picture for good). While her departure doesn’t necessarily pave the way for Booth and Brennan’s road to romance, knowing that a big obstacle like Hannah will soon be gone does make this whole ordeal a little bit more bearable. So how do we solve a problem like Hannah? Here’s what our readers think:

Moonflower:  I think it should turn out she’s been evil all along. She’s an undercover agent … and she’s just been using Booth for information. It would be exciting to see Hannah be really evil, because I think she’s a little too perfect. It’s awfully annoying.

MaggieBlue:  Hannah needs to go. Let her get called to Europe to cover a big story.

Fairytales:  Booth needs to break it off with Hannah because he realizes he still loves Bones too much.

Zloytl: I hope they don’t kill her off because that will mean a long mourning period for Booth. I hope she says the whole, “I am sorry and we can be friends bit,” and just leaves quietly and QUICKLY.

Saltedkiss:  I’m hoping they’ll break up because of Booth’s undying love for Brennan! But to be honest, I believe it’ll probably be because Booth finds out something that isn’t annoyingly perfect about his journalist girlfriend.

Can you think of other ways to get rid of Hannah? Or is she starting to grow on you? Join the discussion or let us know in the comments below!

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Dean Bextor

Staff Writer, BuddyTV