In this episode of The Bold Type, titled “The End of the Beginning,” there is a lot of anxiety for everyone at Scarlet magazine. There are layoff rumors circulating, and Kat knows something that she can’t share with Sutton and Jane. And on top of possible layoffs, “putting out feelers” and continuing to work, each of the girls also deals with their complicated love life. This is one tense episode for Jane, Sutton and Kat.

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Layoff Rumors

In this episode, things start off icky as Kat’s apartment has been infested with bed bugs. She comes to stay with Sutton and Jane, and they make her strip down before letting her in. Inside, the three girls discuss that they are all single at the same time. Jane reminds everyone of a promise they made to do group Tinder if this were to happen. Kat and Sutton reluctantly agree to take part. 

At Scarlet, Alex tells Jacqueline that he has been approached by another magazine. Jacqueline says that he should take the meeting and keep her posted. In the fashion department, Sutton and her co-worker Cassie get good news: Oliver is stuck in Cuba, which means they will be styling the fall coats. Meanwhile, Richard informs Jacqueline that there are going to be layoffs at Scarlet. Jacqueline starts formulating a plan to bring the fight to the board.

When she returns to the office, she asks Jane if she can get traction and write something for a bigger audience. As Kat is on her way to meet with Jacquline, she gets a call from Adena but doesn’t answer. Jacquline wants Kat to host a focus group. She informs Kat that the company is having a hiring freeze, print sales are down and the layoff rumors are true. While she assures Kat that her job is safe, she instructs Kat not to divulge this information to anyone else.

Later, Jane talks to Kat about what Jacqueline said about her writing, and Kat tries to push her in the right direction without hinting that she knows what’s going on. Alex also discusses these layoff rumors with Sutton. Kat calls Adena back and, afterward, reveals to the girls that she’s talking to Adena at least once a day.

That night, the three girls head out on their group date. Things don’t go so well for Sutton and Jane, and only turn worse when Kat mentions her focus group. Jane realizes that Kat knows something that they don’t. When Jane and Sutton decide to leave, Kat, whose date is going well, decides to stay. She and her date walk along the water where they see the violin player that she saw with Adena. Kat’s date doesn’t have the same appreciation for his music, and Kat breaks off the date and leaves.

The Rumors Threaten the Girls’ Friendship

When she returns to Sutton and Jane’s apartment, she drunk calls Adena, telling her how difficult it is that she knows her friends might be fired. Jane overhears Kat’s phone call. The next morning, Jane, Sutton and Alex discuss what to do about the layoff rumors. Alex thinks they should put out feelers for other jobs, while Jane won’t go down without a fight for her job at Scarlet. When Alex asks Sutton to ask Richard about the layoffs, Sutton reveals that she and Richard have broken up.

Jane pitches “sticky” stories to Jacqueline, and Jacqueline agrees to let her write a story on “butt facials.” Sutton, on the other hand, struggles to deal with Cassie’s indecisiveness about the fall coats. Later, at the apartment, Jane freaks out on Kat about what she knows about the layoffs. Kat explodes and reveals that she knows her job is safe, but Sutton and Jane’s are not.

At the fall photo shoot the next morning, Cassie is freaking out and Sutton tries to help, but ultimately she hits Cassie with the hard truth that she’s been all over the place. Cassie leaves the shoot, and Sutton is left in charge of everything. She gets to work and kills it.

Jane gets a call from Insight, wanting to meet with her about a job. Jane initially declines the meeting but reconsiders and agrees. Kat holds her focus group, and Alex tells Jane he met with Insight. With the fall coat photos in, Jacqueline tells Cassie and Sutton that she loves their work, and Cassie takes all the credit.

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Other Possibilities 

Kat calls Adena and talks about what she would do if she got laid off. When Kat asks, Adena confirms that things aren’t going well with Coco. Jane meets with Insight, and they discuss having her write her own column and present her with the opportunity to really be herself. Later, Jacquline calls Sutton in her office and tells her the photographer told her the truth about what happened at the photo shoot. She reminds Sutton that she needs to speak up for herself.

After meeting with Sutton, Jacqueline calls in Kat and tells her that there will be layoffs, but fashion and editorial are safe. They are going to be ramping up digital, so not only will Kat be able to hire an assistant but also two additional team members. Sutton, in tears, calls Richard but deletes the message. Adena calls Kat and says that she is going to return to New York.

The girls meet up to cheers at having their jobs and tease Jane that her butt facial story got the most clicks of the week. As the episode ends, Jane gets a phone call. She is offered the job at Insight.

This was a very stressful episode of The Bold Type.

What did you think about the layoff rumors? Should Jane accept the job offer? Will Kat and Adena finally reunite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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