In the Shadowhunters season 2 finale, titled “Beside Still Water,” Jace and Clary rush to stop Valentine from raising Raziel from Lake Lynn, only to face a grim outcome. Meanwhile, Alec, Isabelle and Magnus try to save New York from the demons that Johnathon left in his wake.

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Johnathon Opens a Portal to Hell

Though Johnathon was stabbed and thrust into the New York City waters, presumed to be dead, he washes ashore very much alive. Though it seems he might survive, he doesn’t and his final act is to open a demonic portal to New York City with his blood.

Simon enlists Luke and Magnus to help rescue Maia from the clutches of the Seelie Queen, who has taken a treacherous liking to her and her knowledge of the Downworlders, including Simon. Clary and the rest of the Shadowhunters are alerted to the demonic presence in the middle of New York, only to find that the demo is a giant dragon born from demon blood who, when vanquished, only spawns again in numerous parts.

Luke and Simon go to the Seelie Queen to try and save Maia, only to go up against the Queen and her growing following of Downworlders. Alec and Isabelle set off to try and stop the demonic rift but, in order to do so, must ask Magnus for help despite their rocky relationship. Meanwhile, Jace and Clary portal to Idris to try and stop Valentine from reaching Lake Lynn, only to fall captive to Valentine’s followers. 

Alec, Magnus and Isabelle portal to the mouth of the rift while the demonic dragons scourge New York City. While trying to stop the darkness from spreading, another demon escapes, knocking Isabelle to the ground and forcing Alec to try and kill it. Alec, however, provides the killing blow, saving Alec’s life right before he is lit aflame.

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Valentine Dies as Raziel Rises

Maia is still lost in the Wander Woods, with Luke trying to find her, only for Simon to find her, with the Seelie Queen suspiciously accompanying him. She agrees to let all of them go, but what is unspoken is that Simon has struck some kind of deal with her for their release. Still with Valentine’s minions, Jace must watch as they attempt to execute Clary with a vicious beheading. Using his angel blood, Jace breaks free of his chains and sets Clary free. Now on the run, the two find themselves on the suspiciously quiet shore of Lake Lynn. 

Yet from the quiet darkness, Valentine emerges and stabs Jace right in the heart, the shock rippling through Alec’s body. So Jace lies bleeding out in the cold dirt and, with his final breath, admits his love for Clary before his eyes close forever, with Alec’s parabatai rune washing away to solidify his passing. Stricken with rage, Clary goes to strike at Valentine, only to be knocked out with one cold, hard punch.

Valentine aims to raise an angel using the Mortal Instruments but stops to explain his actions to Clary. Citing Jace’s death as a necessity, Valentine goes into Lake Lynn and submerges both the Mortal Cup and Soul Sword in an effort to raise Raziel into the mortal realm. Raziel is summoned out of the waters as Clary devises a plan.  

While Valentine is distracted in proclaiming his want of Downworlder extinction to the angel, Clary steals Jace’s stele and breaks free, stopping Valentine from completing the prophecy. As Valentine goes to murder his own daughter, Clary slits his throat and stabs Valentine several times, killing her father mere inches from Jace’s body. Now with Valentine dead, it is up to Clary to use Raziel’s power for good and not the Shadowhunter takeover. Using her one wish, Clary asks the angel to bring Jace back to life — and so he does. With a second chance at life, Jace and Clary choose to waste no more time and finally be together.

Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike celebrate Valentine’s death. In the aftermath of the almost-war, Maia and Simon relish in each other’s company before Simon sneaks out with no explanation. Magnus and Alec mend fences as well, with the latter owning up to his shortcomings and the former realizing he no longer has to choose between love and the Downworld. Simon returns to the fairy realm as a toy of the Queen’s as a result of his agreement for saving Maia. Unbeknownst to the Shadowhunters, the demon entities that were thought to be slain all meld together into a dark, demonic force in the shape of a woman, who bends over the dead body of Johnathon and whispers to her dead son not to worry anymore.

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