In episode seven of The Bold Type season 1, titled “Three Girls in a Tub,” the girls’ relationships get extra complicated. Jane tries to juggle dating two guys at once and proves that she can multitask as well as Ryan “the Pinstripe guy.” Sutton’s relationship with Richard proves to be more difficult to maintain, especially when a dinner with Jane and Kat goes awry. Kat faces some hard truths and decisions about one of her staffers, Natalie.

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The Girls Have a Lot Going On

Things in episode seven start steamy with Jane and Pinstripe getting it on in the shower. In the middle of their encounter, she accidentally tells Pinstripe she loves him and things get awkward. Pinstripe tells her, “They both know what this is,” and that he knows she didn’t mean it, but Jane still leaves feeling uncomfortable.

Sutton wakes up at Richard’s and tells him that Alex knows about their relationship but assures Richard that he won’t tell. She suggests that Richard spend more time with Kat and Jane, so Richard invites the girls over for dinner.

That morning at Scarlet, Jacqueline informs Kat that one of her staffers, a girl named Natalie, messed up a tweet and Kat needs to talk to her. Kat talks to her, and Natalie assures her she will do better. Kat says she hopes so, as she is her first direct report.

In the fashion department, Oliver wants Sutton to network so that she is useful to him. She joins a fashion assistant networking group and decides to go to a “high tea” event later that evening.

Jane receives an assignment from Jacqueline to review a dating app where your best friends pick your date for you. She insists she can date other guys while still hooking up with Pinstripe.

Kat and Sutton choose a date for Jane, and she meets him at a bar. Things go well for Jane, and she ends up kissing her date, even when Pinstripe guy texts her.

At high tea, Sutton feels out of place and begins snacking on all the little treats. After eating a bunch, one of the other assistants informs her that it is “high” tea and that the treats are filled with weed. The assistant, though, takes Sutton under her wing and introduces her around.

Dinner at Richard’s

While Jane and Sutton are off at their engagements, Kat waits awkwardly in Richard’s apartment for the two to show up for dinner. When Jane finally shows up, she’s drunk. And when Sutton shows up, she’s super high. In their altered states, Jane and Sutton end up lying in Richard’s bathroom together, and Kat, again, is alone with Richard.

Kat finds out that Natalie messed up another tweet, this one about Kylie Jenner, and tries to remedy the situation. Richard, as a board member, steps in and tries to get involved. Richard’s involvement only angers Kat. Eventually, all three girls end up together in Richard’s bathtub.

The next morning, things are tense between Sutton and Richard. At Scarlet, Kat tries to take the hands-on approach and helps Natalie with some tweets. Pinstripe brings Jane lunch, and Jane tells him about her date. Pinstripe confirms that they are both seeing other people.

Later, Jacqueline informs Kat that a board member, Richard, called about the Kylie Jenner tweet. Kat, pissed because she told him she had it handled, confronts Richard in his office. This encounter only makes things more difficult for Sutton and Richard.

As Jane works on her article, she checks to see what Pinstripe guy has been writing. It’s clear she’s having trouble with him seeing other people, especially when she tries to get intimate very quickly on her second date.

The next day, Kat is informed that she needs to fire Natalie. Jacqueline had to remedy the situation with Kylie after someone screengrabbed the tweet. Sutton has success with a connection and is able to get Oliver an item he wants.

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Relationships Get Even More Complicated

Jane, looking at Pinstripe’s articles, is clearly upset about all the other girls he’s seeing. She confides in Kat and Sutton that she wants love. She meets up with Pinstripe and tells him that she can’t do the multiple guy thing, so she’s breaking things off. Neither of them seems too happy as they part ways.

Kat brings Natalie into an office to meet with HR and to give her the bad news.

After work, Sutton and Richard meet up far away from the office and, despite expressing how much they care for one another, make the difficult decision to break up. If they can’t be in each other’s lives without hiding, the relationship is too difficult for them both. Finally, as Sutton takes a bath after her breakup, Kat and Jane join her with a bottle of wine and a whole lot of comfort.

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