Stitchers season 3 is coming to an end with a crazy finale, and BuddyTV spoke to series star Kyle Harris to find out what to expect in “Maternis.” He also discussed Cameron’s promotion and getting to meet his parents this season.

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It’s been a rough season for Kirsten and Cameron, but things are looking up, especially since Linus has provided them with a working oxytocin filter. So, going into the finale, Harris said, “it’s the happiest they’ve been together in a long while.”

But he’s possibly facing losing Kirsten again, much like he did when she was trapped in her memory in the season 3 premiere, and because of that, “this is the most on edge we’ll have ever seen Cameron,” the actor shared. And as the promo (below) shows, Cameron is “dealing with a stitch with technology that is maybe a little over his head,” he continued. “And so as much of a face as he tries to put on to be brave, deep down, he’s crumbling. He knows that one tiny mistake on his end could essentially wipe out Kirsten” — and not just her. “That’s just a lot to put on someone’s plate.”

One of the big questions this season is whether or not the team can trust Ivy, and Cameron has been one of those who has always been skeptical of her. “We let her in too easily,” Harris said. “For an NSA facility to kind of just welcome in a family member like that just because she has some skills and has proven herself once, I always was like, ‘That’s fine. She showed her skills. It ended up working out for her one time. I think we’re giving her too much slack here.'”

However, thanks to Kirsten and Linus breaking into her place, they discovered that she ran the anomaly with the young Cameron avatar on them, though Ivy insists she only took it over from her father at the end (meaning she was the one to trap Kirsten in her memory.) So, while she may be Kirsten’s family, to Cameron, “she does more bad than good.”

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In season 3, fans got to meet both Cameron’s father and mother and see where Cameron comes from and why he is the way he is. While his father was first mentioned as a villain, when we meet him in season 3 and learn that he was protecting his son, we get to see why Cameron is the way he is when it comes to those he cares about. “He’s willing to do anything to protect his team, to protect his friends, his loved ones,” and that’s from his father, Harris shared. “And then we see his mother, the genius … the cutting, conniving side of her.”

This season also saw Cameron get promoted and take over Maggie’s job while she’s out of the office, something that created tension with Camille. However, Harris doesn’t think that Camille should have even thought she’d get it. “She came in here as a hacker, who was essentially a spy to get Kirsten to join the program, but she has no business thinking that she would ever be running the technology,” even though Cameron let Camille pilot earlier in the season when he had the yips, he explained. He does think that this could lead to a storyline for season 4, of Camille “always wanting more to do in the program and always kind of playing second fiddle.”

The new job also changed his relationship with Maggie. “I think they saw each other eye-to-eye finally,” Harris said. And his new position put him in a position of “you better tell me [what we want to know about the program] or else we’re out.” “I think she gained a lot of respect for her oldest son,” as it’s no secret that Maggie sees and treats them as kids sometimes.

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