A lot happened in the Stitchers season 3 finale, and not only did it end on a major cliffhanger, but the future of the show is still up in the air, as Freeform has yet to renew it. But for now, you can find out what Kyle Harris had to say about that big twist at the end and what he hopes happens going forward in a potential season 4.

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And speaking of another season, don’t expect things to be fine and dandy between Cameron and Ivy just because she was playing her father and helped the NSA bring him in. “I still think going forward, Cameron is going to be skeptical,” Harris shared. “I don’t think she’s won his trust over yet. She might have won some of the audience’s over, but I still think going forward, it would be an interesting dynamic to play out [with] Kirsten, Cameron and Ivy.”

The actor would also like to see his character’s mother again. “I think it would be interesting to see how his mother maybe comes into play a little bit more because she is so closely related to Kirsten now with the tests that she ran and how that might play a factor into the future of the program or Kirsten’s condition going forward.”

Read on for the rest of BuddyTV’s chat with Kyle Harris as he breaks down that intense season finale — Kirsten doesn’t remember Cameron! Wait, yes, she does! — and shares some hopes for (a potential) season 4.

BuddyTV: Quite a lot happens in the finale, and there are a lot of emotions, even before Maggie tells Cameron that Kirsten doesn’t remember him. Is punching Stinger a cathartic moment Cameron needs at that time?

Kyle Harris: “I think it’s a culmination of so many things, of the stress that Stinger’s put on with his actions and how it’s affected Kirsten has ultimately affected Cameron, and her stress is his stress and all the things he’s had to deal with because of this man being so selfish and never caring about anything other than himself and Jacqueline and Ivy even taking a backseat to that and Kirsten especially taking a backseat to this guy’s actions.

“It’s one of those things where it’s like, he knocks him out because the guy doesn’t realize what he’s done and when Stinger hits Cameron back, it gives Cameron a light bulb moment to realize, ‘Oh, this is what I’ve been doing, but this is what I need to do.’ So, it’s a nice kind of like 1-2 punch that they both give each other as far as like, ‘this is what you deserve,’ and when Cameron gets the punch, ‘this is what you need to do,’ which is an interesting moment for the two. But it definitely changes the pace of the game and it gets the ball rolling in the direction of how we can save Kirsten’s mother.”

When Maggie tells Cameron that Kirsten doesn’t remember him, he blames himself and just wants everyone to leave him alone. What’s going through his mind? Is hope the last thing he wants at that moment? Does he not want people to tell him, “oh, give it time”?

“I think the wound is so fresh and to immediately have your friends right there in that vulnerable moment watching you hear this news — they’re doing the best they can to console him, but it’s just too soon, it’s too fresh. It’s like he hasn’t had a moment to process this on his own, and he’s already getting the ‘what ifs,’ ‘it’ll be okays,’ the things that you say to someone because you don’t know what else to say in those moments. And I think he’s pretty upfront about things.

“So, when he hears this, he doesn’t have any room for any more thoughts coming into his head from his friends trying to help the situation because he knows essentially what he’s done and that is essentially killed the only thing that he lives for, which is Kirsten, and he knows that it’s his fault.

“And at this point, I don’t see how Cameron can go forward with the Program, sitting there at Kirsten’s side knowing that everything they’ve built together is essentially lost and he’s having to look at this shell of a person who doesn’t remember him at all — in his mind, at least.

“I think reading that scene, over and over again before we shot it, it’s one of the most heartbreaking moments we’ve had on the show because he’s essentially thinking that he’s ruined this thing and he has nothing to live for. But at the end of the day, he doesn’t know that Kirsten’s doing this and playing at this to protect him and I think that really leaves us wondering what is she protecting him from, what is this for, what does this all mean? And I think that would propel us into a very, very interesting season 4.”

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Do you think he would have preferred more time before talking to Kirsten? What was it like to play that scene because it’s a different dynamic?

“Exactly. I don’t know if he would’ve wanted more time before talking to Kirsten because it’s one of those things you ultimately know you’re going to have to face at some point. Obviously, he still looks at her and is very much in love with her, regardless if she remembers him or not, and the fact that she walks in right after the moment he kind of blows up at his best friends, it’s humbling in that sense because she’s bringing him back down from his anger to reality.

“Immediately, it’s familiar to him, it’s this girl he loves, he’s been looking at for so long and admiring, and then when she introduces herself as Kirsten to him, I think that’s when the knife twists in his gut, because that’s the moment for him he realizes that she does not know who he is. And that is the most heartbreaking moment for Cameron, for me as an actor that I’ve had to play on this show, because you’re looking at your best friend, your girlfriend, the one that you do all this for, and she has no idea who you are.

“That on the day was a very emotional scene for everyone shooting because that was our second to last day shooting and we didn’t know, we don’t know what the future of this show is. And so to have that moment kind of all build up to a finale and have it be such an emotional scene, all of the cylinders were firing. It wasn’t too hard to play because the connection between me and Emma as actors is very strong and to have that all come to a head like that in the finale, I think we just leaned into it and sold it as best we could because it wasn’t too hard to pull from the real life circumstances of this maybe being the last scene we’ll ever shoot together.”

Do you think that Kirsten bringing up her memory of meeting him as a child was her trying to give him something despite not being able to tell him the truth?

“That’s a great question. I think in that moment, yeah, I think that’s when she gives him as much of a clue as she can that she’s not completely lost and in the moment, obviously, Cameron looks at her as like, ‘How would you remember that? You don’t remember me at all. You don’t remember the last couple years of your life. But you remember that.’ And so, I think in that moment, if you’re really watching carefully, you’ll see that that is a light bulb that will, I think, continue on for Cameron to be like, ‘Okay, there is still hope. There is something there. She is not completely in the dark.’

“Whether or not she meant to drop that as a clue or a way to console him in that moment, to say, ‘hey, I can’t tell you right now, but I’m slowly starting to reach out to you, to let you know that I’m still here…’ And of course in that moment he can’t see that.

“But I think going forward, that is an interesting breadcrumb that we can pick up along the way, as to Cameron realizing that, ‘Wait a minute, I know she’s not all gone. There is somewhat of Kirsten in there.’ I think going forward into season 4, it would be interesting to see how he pieces those clues together to realize that she’s actually there and she’s doing this to protect him. It won’t come to a head of, ‘I’m so angry or so upset at you for lying to me.’ It will come to some circumstances of them being like, ‘I’m so happy to have you back. You were doing this to protect me. Now let’s move on and hopefully get to the bottom of this.’

“These are all answers that we can hopefully get into in a season 4, and which I think would be very, very exciting to see, because you need to know why she’s doing this.”

Going back to something you said earlier about whether Cameron can move forward with the Program, do you think Cameron has thought about life after the Stitchers program? After a job like this, he can’t just go do something normal without feeling bored, right?

“Right. I’ve always thrown out there if we get to come back for a season 4 that we do a time jump, whether it’s six months later, nine months later, a year later, and we see where everyone is now, now that the mind is fully mapped, now that Kirsten is fully evolved, now that the technology has come to a head.

“Where are we now? Do we give the technology over to someone else? … How are they living their lives without the program now that the mission’s accomplished? What brings them back together? What is it that brings the Stitch team back to the lab? And I would love to see a nice little montage if we get a season 4 of where they are now, say, six months from now, and we get a glimpse of everyone’s life post that final stitch that we saw in the finale of 3.”

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