The Biggest Loser has tried a number of different twists, but this season the weight-loss competition is doing a battle of the ages. Season 12, which kicks off Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm on NBC, will feature 15 contestants divided into three groups based on their ages.

There will be one group with people under 30, one over 50, and a third in the middle. In addition, the Biggest Loser premiere’s first challenge will decide the order that the teams get to pick their trainers. In addition to returning favorite Bob Harper, season 12 will feature new trainers Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince. I wonder if the young ‘uns will go with Kournikova based solely on hotness.

The 15 contestants for The Biggest Loser season 12 include a former NFL player and a Nashville singer. Here are the people competing to lose weight this season.

Courtney Rainville (Internet marketing specialist), 24, Scottsdale, Arizona

Patrick Ferrari (Mental health adult foster care worker), 26, Albany, Oregon

Jessica Lampert (Travel nurse), 26, San Francisco, California

Vinny Hickerson (Songwriter/entertainer), 27, Nashville, Tennessee

Ramon Medeiros (Tattoo artist), 27, Florence, Colorado

Jennifer Rumple (Television producer), 39, Alameda, California

John Rhode (Special education teacher/football coach), 40, Mesa, Arizona

Sunny Sinclair (Fifth grade teacher), 41, Frisco, Texas

Antone Davis (Restaurant manager and former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons from 1991-97), 44, Knoxville, Tennessee

Joe Mitchell (Home health therapist), 46, Knoxville, Tennessee

Becky Comet (Math teacher), 51, Benton, Arkansas

Debbie Lounds (Sr. administrative assistant), 60, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mike Danley (High school teacher/football coach), 62, Spencerville, Indiana

Bonnie Griffin (Retired payroll supervisor), 63, Picayune, Mississippi

Johnny Forger (Realty company owner), 65, Canton, Massachusetts

Check out the new season of The Biggest Loser Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm on NBC.

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