Overcooked sea bass, raw scallops, “get out!”, “switch it off!” – you know the drill. It’s business as usual in Hell’s Kitchen. How did it go down this time?

Tongue play

This week: blind taste test! And Elise won it for the red team. No wonder when some other people mistook crab meat for mushrooms, and filet mignon for turkey. While the red team had to fake being excited to go horse riding, the blue team had to peele grapes. Or as the announcer said: “while the ladies enjoyed the fruit of their labor, the blue team labored over their fruit.” Witty. The ladies got their buzz on, Tommy exhibited some questionable humor (“I have grape expectations!” Har har har) – a great time was had by everyone. And Elise and Carrie even got into a fight over who is the bigger alcoholic!

Twice the fun!

Later, it was steak night at Hell’s Kitchen! And two seatings at that. One team cooks, the other one serves the customers and after 90 minutes they switch. Tommy had issues both times. First unable to prepare and dress a salad, then unable to write a ticket Gordon Ramsay could decipher, he definitely didn’t have a good night. The Carrie/Elise drama continued on the red team and culminated in Elise dropping a sea bass, prompting another Ramsayism: “switch it off!” In the end, however, Carrie had to leave Hell’s Kitchen. Just another night of Hell’s Kitchen coming to its close, right? Not so fast! Gordon calls up Elise as if she was being eliminated, but – Gasp!- closes down Hell’s Kitchen altogether.

The trip of their lives

To “light a fire under their asses” he flew them out to New York City to visit BLT Steak, the big prize awaiting them at the end. For the second challenge, the contestants had to concoct a dish using five randomly selected dishes in a randomly selected ethnic style. Thomas, who couldn’t catch a break in the first hour, got Indian cuisine although he never cooked Indian cuisine before. But Chef Ramsay signed off on his dish and Jennifer won the challenge for her team in the end. Blue team had to prep both kitchens as punishment, while the red team was living it up on the beach.

Double crossings

During dinner service, Elisabeth freaks out for no apparent reason and Elise doesn’t only get into trouble with her own team mates but now also with the opposing team. Tommy, on the losing team from the previous challenge, didn’t prepare the Wellingtons to Elise liking. When Chef Ramsay keeps on sending back Wellington after Wellington, she blames it on Tommy and asks him straight up: “did you or did you not score the first tray of Wellingtons.” Tommy is not having it and everyone seems to team up against Elise. Other than that, the sea bass was giving everyone problems. Be it the red team or the blue team, no one seemed to get it right.

In the end…

Natalie had to go in the end because she was too “green” and was “not ready to run BLT Steak House”. Reality check, Gordon, none of your contestants are. But Elise, also nominated tonight, remains in the competition and can continue to annoy everyone.

Jan Cee
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