The first round of semifinals had zombies, dancing, moving pianos, and “the biggest suicide mission we’ve ever had on this show.” Just under half of these acts will move through tonight. There are very few certainties in this world, but one of them is that Piers will make fun of Nick Cannon’s polka dot suit.

Tonight we get Demi Lovato, a hip hop group, and (yes!!) Prince Poppycock. And boom, Piers makes a comment about the suit. After the judges make statements with plenty of superlatives (“the most talented …” “the toughest competition,” etc.), Nick brings Sandou Trio Russian Bar, Zuma Zuma, Matt Willhelm, and Team iLuminate to the stage. So definitely Team iLuminate, right? I must have been looking away because I didn’t see Matt Willhelm fall that bad last night. That’s not so good.

“Who stepped it up, who blew it?” Nick Cannon asks. I think we know at least one act who blew it in this group! Team iLuminate “stepped it up,” though, and will be stepping on toward the finals. To be fair, Nick’s jacket does look ridiculous.

What’s poppin this week? The fact that they made those kids from West Springfield Dance Team keep their white contacts in for the Orville Redenbacher segment. Demi Lovato is also poppin’ with her live television premiere of “Skyscraper.” For this performance, she is playing the role of a hoarder.

AGTdemihoarder.jpgJust when we were about to call in a specialist with a dumpster, Demi set all her stuff on FIRE! We love that on America’s Got Talent. And let that be a lesson to you: it’s better to set your hoard on fire than to let the cleanup crew find all those cat skeletons.

Next to the stage: PopLyfe and Lys Agnes. Two “y”s where you wouldn’t expect them! Nick Cannon tells us there’s less than 1% between the two totals. Why would he tell us that unless … they’re both going through! Come on, Nick. Nice try, but this isn’t my first time at the AGT Rodeo. So why is Howie acting like he never saw this coming in a million years? Math, you guys. It’s called math.

Next, Nick brings the Miami All Stars, Kevin Colis, and Melissa Villasenor to the stage. I’m a big fan of Melissa Villasenor, but the Miami All Stars really turned it out this week. And Kevin Colis … promised a dimension of his singing we haven’t seen yet, whatever that means. But we’ll never see it, because the Miami All-Stars are moving on. Well, I hope Melissa Villasenor gets her own act somewhere.

So West Springfield Dance Team, Daniel Joseph Baker, and Beth Ann Robinson remain. Poor WSDT, they’ve been here three times in a row now!

But first: Prince Poppycock! Please tell me he has a show in Vegas or somewhere we can see him all the time. It was like Black Swan, but instead it was campy and maybe … Red Swan? He incorporated fire, the most important element for success on this show. What works for Prince Poppycock just doesn’t work for Lys Agnes to me. But that is my opinion, which is clearly not shared by the voters!

Wha? What is happening? The New Boyz, who I assume spell “boys” with a z? A song about looking better with the lights off? Call me an old fart but NO THANK YOU! I feel like Piers would have buzzed this.

Let’s get on with the results like The New Boyz never happened to us. Beth Ann Robinson, Daniel Joseph Baker, and West Springfield Dance Team hit the stage for the final spot remaining. I hope it’s Daniel Joseph Baker, even if it’s just to give West Springfield a break to let their eyes regain their natural moisture. First, some devastation for one act: Beth Ann Robinson is out of the running. After two inspiring speeches, the judges must choose!

The audience is cheering for Daniel, but we have to draw it out with three long-winded votes. Howie deems it “the year of the dance” and votes for West Springfield. Daniel Joseph Baker and I are surprised. Piers votes for West Springfield Dance Team, and the audience cries out in despair. Booo! You go, Daniel Joseph Baker!

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