Last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended in an awkward phone conversation between Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville. While there seems to be little hope for salvaging their relationship, at least we have two new housewives to stir things up. Let’s see how they’re faring in this week’s episode, “Livin’ La Vida Housewife.”

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European Vacation

Kim is trying on her dress for Brooke’s wedding for Kyle. It’s a pretty blush color with bronze lace and Kyle totally approves, but she’s mad Kim made her come over when half of her family is sick in bed. Of course, Kyle’s paranoid that she’s going to catch a bug before her fancy European vacation. 

Despite her fretting, she’s perfectly healthy for her trip to Spain. It’s a special vacation for the Umansky-Richards household because Alexia will be leaving for college soon so they may not have many family trips left.

Brandi meets with an executive named Norm to talk about her podcast. She wants to do her Brandi Unfiltered podcast, but Norm thinks it will alienate big sponsors. And since it’s Brandi’s goal to make as much money as possible, she says she can filter herself for the sake of cash. Both Norm and I know that that’s unlikely.

Lisa and Ken go shopping at Fifi and Romero for Giggy’s clothes. I swear that dog probably has a more expensive wardrobe than I do. Lisa tells the owner, Yana, that the Gigster needs an outfit for his upcoming event where he’s meeting children with alopecia and he also needs pajamas because he refuses to sleep naked. Lisa admits that Giggy has become a substitute for their kids who have both moved out. Lisa misses being a mother but looks forward to being a grandmother soon.

It’s Eileen’s World

We finally get a proper introduction to Eileen who lives in Malibu with her husband Vincent Van Patten, their son Jesse and her two stepsons Duke and Vinny. Vince is a former teen idol and tennis professional and is now the co-host of World Poker. He’s also Eileen’s third husband (but the first marriage only lasted six months, so that hardly counts). Eileen loves being a mom to all these boys, but she misses female companionship. I’m not sure what she’s going to think of the ladies in this bunch, though.

Kyle’s daughter Sophia meets the rest of the family at the airport in Spain after spending some time with her friends in France. Kyle wants her to realize how lucky she is to be experiencing Europe at such a young age. Yolanda meets them on their yacht after sailing with David in Turkey and then visiting with her sick mother in Holland. They two ladies are looking forward to spending some time together.

Walk of Fame

Back in Beverly Hills, the two Lisas meet for lunch. Rinna likes Vanderpump because she thinks they’re both hard workers. Vanderpump likes that Rinna knows that about her; some of the ladies in the group don’t understand that she’s always busy because she’s running her own businesses.

Vanderpump tells her that she doesn’t want to taint her view of the other women, but she’s had some real difficulty with them in the past. Like Lisa Rinna hasn’t watched this show. She’s been on Watch What Happens Live talking about what a big fan she is; I’m sure she knows what’s happened and has her own opinions like the rest of us.

Vanderpump asks Rinna to accompany her to Palm Springs where she’s getting a star on the… Palm Springs Walk of Fame? Is that a thing? I’m not sure. But I guess it’s a place where people like Lisa Vanderpump get stars, so that’s probably saying everything you need to know about it. Anyway, Rinna’s happy to support Vanderpump. Later, they go shopping for dresses for the event, where they have a lot of laughs. The both appreciate one another’s sense of humor.

The Open Seas

In Mallorca, Yolanda is Kyle’s own personal tour guide. Yolanda loves Europe and she wishes that every American get a chance to see things that have been around for hundreds of years. She’s so sweet and so cultured, yet she takes some time to have a sword fight with some street pirates.

They talk about Yolanda’s mother and about their kids going away to school. Yolanda says she’s known how fragile life is since she was 7 and her dad died in a car crash. And now her mother is very ill and she wishes she could be closer to her. Kyle worries about Alexia going away to college in about a month. It’s not just because she’ll miss her but because it symbolizes the passage of time. Basically, things are getting real deep here on RHOBH this week when everyone is realizing their mortality. Maybe we should just have another scene of Giggy buying clothes.

After Brandi got a six figure check from her book, she realized the most responsible thing to do with that money was to buy a six figure car. So now she’ll roll up to her ex’s house to pick up her kids in her new Range Rover. Clearly, she don’t need no man. Let’s just hope she saves some of that money so her kids can go to college.

Back on the yacht, Yolanda and Mauricio are trying to convince Kyle to jump off the boat. She finally does but regrets it immediately. They’re all having dinner watching para-sailors when Yolanda gets a phone call from her husband, David. As soon as she gets the call, she knows something is wrong.

She excuses herself and David tells her that Bella got a DUI. Yolanda says she felt collapsed, overwhelmed and disappointed when she heard the news. She doesn’t know how she could make that decision. Having lost her father in a car accident, Yolanda feels even more sad and scared for her daughter (who was unharmed in the incident). She wants to go back home right away, but she’s going to try and hold it together for the rest of the trip.

Next week, Kim’s daughter Brooke gets married and Lisa gets her star on the (Palm Springs) Walk of Fame.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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