Are you one of those people who think that the contestants on The Biggest Loser lose weight only because of the money? Jillian Michaels vows to change all that with an upcoming reality spin-off Losing It with Jillian.

On the series, slated for a June 1 premiere, the Biggest Loser trainer takes a leave of absence from her show to hit the road and show overweight Americans that they can lose the pounds even outside the strict controlled environment of The Biggest Loser.

The eight-episode run will see Jillian as she lives with families for a whole week, to examine the choices they make when it comes to fitness and nutrition. In every episode, she will try to overhaul their lives with a lifestyle makeover.

“In a way, it’s a response to the comments we always get on Loser,” she tells the Hollywood Reporter. “We always hear, ‘It’s so easy to lose weight when you move into the camp and you’re living with trainers’ and ‘Would they really be able to lose the weight if there wasn’t money on the line?'”

Michaels, the no-nonsense wellness expert from the ABC reality series, adds that your state of health affects pretty much all aspects of your life.

“When your health is out of balance everything else suffers — finances, relationships, work and family dynamics. I’m moving in with families across the country, getting down and dirty and rooting out bad habits in every corner of their lives that are preventing them from health and happiness.”

She’ll have a little help from Curtis Stone from TLC’s Take Home Chef, who’ll do the hard work of tossing out the junk food and teaching the families how to cook healthy meals.

Losing It with Jillian premieres June 1 on NBC.

(Image courtesy of NBC)

Glenn Diaz

Staff Writer, BuddyTV