Without Tim Urban to kick around, American Idol voters are forced to eliminate someone who can actually sing tonight.  This week Abbey Simmons and I debate the Top 6, and while Abbey thinks the “twain” has left the station, I feel more like Anna Karenina at the end of the book.

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However, despite our disagreements on the four guys, we agree on the fact that the two remaining girls did not have a great week and that Crystal Bowersox’s boyfriend is the unluckiest man in America.

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-I thought Lee Dewyze gave the best performance of the night, but Abbey is bored by the fact that he does the same thing every week.

-Abbey thinks Michael Lynche has the best voice in the competition, though she can’t stand his personality.  I was too busy falling asleep during his dull performance to notice.

-Abbey appreciated the fact that Casey James tried something new and she thinks he’s now in it to win it.  However, Casey did not impress me much.

-We agree that Crystal had her worst performance yet, which is still quite decent.  The problem is that her personal story and crusade to force her boyfriend into buying an engagement ring was far more interesting than her song.

-As always, Abbey and I strongly disagree about Aaron Kelly.  I thought he was fantastic and was the second best of the night while Abbey was bored and finds him too young and immature for this competition.

-We both agree that Siobhan Magnus was a trainwreck.

Abbey Simmons’ Bottom 3: Siobhan Magnus, Michael Lynche and Aaron Kelly

John Kubicek’s Bottom 3: Siobhan Magnus, Michael Lynche and Crystal Bowersox

Abbey and John’s Elimination Prediction: Michael Lynche

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