Even though everyone was safe from those two dreaded words of Donald Trump last week, the game is back on for tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice. The teams will have to face each other yet again, but it sounds as though betrayal is imminent for one group. Can these celebrities actually put aside their egos and trust issues, just to work together?

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Knowing how they’ve been acting on the previous Celebrity Apprentice episodes, it’s unlikely. Even The Donald can’t just shove his ego to the side. He even put down The Amazing Race recently, just so he can come out on top.

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Unfortunately, he’s not the only person under the spotlight when it comes to Celebrity Apprentice. On tonight’s episode, Tenacity and Rock Solid are tasked to produce three radio commercials. Their client for the day is a home-services company, which so far we know nothing about.

But will both teams be able to raise enough money to escape elimination yet again? It’s unlikely, since someone really has to go. Could it be the person causing trouble behind the scenes?

With seven contestants left on Celebrity Apprentice, you’d think the drama would’ve lessened somewhat. There’s yet another problem on the rise for tonight though, because one star begins to doubt another’s abilities. It gets even worse when they confront one another.

Of course, Donald will eventually get wind of this and call them out. Unless the whole problem is sorted before Boardroom time, that is. While they do have to focus on the task at hand, these celebrities just can’t get their personal biases out of the way. And that’s exactly why this show remains on television.

They do mean well when it comes to their fellow contestant’s misfortune though. Several Celebrity Apprentice stars have expressed their wishes for Bret Michaels recently, since the announcement of his critical condition. It’s not always reality TV catfights and drama after all.

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Anyway, don’t miss Celebrity Apprentice as it airs tonight on NBC.

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