On tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser, Kelly had to deal with being alone after her partner, and ex-husband Paul, was voted out last week. The black team is going to have to figure out how they can take down the blue team, who has been dominating most of the season. As last week’s biggest loser, Jay’s prize was an envelope that said, “Vegas, baby, Vegas”. The entire blue team has won a trip to Vegas. Bob was not as excited as his team was, reminding them to be careful. He laid down the rules: no buffets, no restaurants, no drinking.

The blue team takes off for Sin City and decided to work out first. They adopt a new mantra on their trip: WWBD, which translated means What Would Bob Do. The black team plays dirty, sending their opponents room service with all the food to keep them from winning the weigh in. Once they realized who it was from, they left it all untouched and headed out to gamble.

The next morning, Mark and Jay went to work out while Roger and Dan decided to sleep in. When Mark and Jay didn’t wake the other two up, the blue team erupts into a yelling match. Roger mans up and goes to work out while Dan stays in bed. The team puts their differences aside and all decide to get tattoos before heading home.

Once back, it was time for a challenge right away. The teams would have to complete The Biggest Loser obstacle course in order to win. Each member of the winning team will receive a trip for two to Puerto Rico. The blue team easily won but the black team, slowed by down by Kelly, finished strong and crossed the finish line together.

The entire episode, Jillian felt that Brittany has been turning in terrible numbers at the weigh in. She pushes her to her breaking point in her last chance workout, making her run 14 miles per hour on a treadmill. Brittany kept giving up but Jillian would not back down until she completed her task.

At tonight’s weigh in, the black team went first:

  • Kelly: 6 pound loss
  • Maggie: 8 pound loss
  • Brittany: 6 pound loss
  • Bernie: 10 pound loss

The black team lost 30 pounds this week for a total percentage of weight loss of 3.69%. After that, it was up to the blue team to lose more than 34 pounds to win. Here’s what happened:

  • Dan: 7 pound loss
  • Roger: 8 pound loss
  • Jay: 7 pound loss
  • Mark: 1 pound loss

In a shocking weigh in, Mark only lost 1 pound, “hitting the wall” as they say on the show. The black team wins and Bernie is this week’s biggest loser. Dan is the biggest loser on the blue team and has immunity meaning the brothers are probably in trouble.  Instead of battling it out with his team, Mark sacrifices himself and lets Roger stay in the game, in an emotional decision.  His entire team sends Mark home, including his brother. 

To date, Mark has lost 90 pounds.  He will talk to BuddyTV tomorrow about the tough choice he made and about one of the most emotional eliminations in Biggest Loser history.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV