I generally assume that all reality TV contestants are disingenuous.  It’s usually the safe assumption.  The tears we see on TV are always somewhat contrived.  That’s just the nature of reality television.  Having a camera in front of you, taping your every move, is going to alter behavior.  And, most of the time, when someone cries or has an emotional breakdown I’m a bit cynical.  There’s a lot of playing for face time in front of the camera.  However, for some reason on this season of Big Brother, I’m not really getting that vibe.  Perhaps it’s the non-intrusive cameras they use, or maybe it’s just this batch of house guests, but I actually buy the tears of James and Adam.  Tonight saw another flood of Big Brother tears, as well as the most surprising development of the season.

Big Brother 9: Week 9 Nominations Recap

James Punks Sheila

In the aftermath of Adam’s Head of Household victory, Natalie believes that God told her Adam would win.  Team Christ (ugh) rejoices in their victory.  James and Sharon are dejected, and they hate everyone else in the house.  James, after sulking for a while, decides to wreak some havoc.  SO he pulls a couple of pranks on Sheila – first he Tepees her room and then he dumps flour on her while tanning.  Much laughter is had. 

Riding the Gravy Train

Gravy and mashed potatoes: the makings of a disgusting food competition.  The houseguests had to work together and build mashed potato dams to pour gravy down a ramp and into different beakers, each beaker representing a different food group.  At the end of the allotted time, the house won eggs and milk, meats, desserts and snacks, and also a BBQ.  The BBQ is key.   

James Works a Miracle

James did it.  He really did it and I’m amazed.  The obvious play for Adam, and the one that Ryan and Natalie campaigned for, was to nominate Sharon and James.  However, James slowly breaks Adam down.  He talks about how they’ve been pals since the beginning of the season, how James has never done Adam wrong.  The coup de grace was James teary-eyed meltdown in the HOH room that actually made Adam cry along with James.  Adam, so moved by his bro James, decided to nominate Sharon and Sheila.  Craziness. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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