Lots of great shows are about to come back to TV. And here are 12 of our favorites returning for the 2012 fall season.

#12 Once Upon a Time

Regina has been defeated. The fairytale characters have regained their memories. Magic is loose in the world. The fantastic story can only get more magical from here.

Once Upon a Time

#11 Dancing with the Stars

It’s not just stars this season. It’s all-stars! Who can possibly win when the show is stacked with past champions and audience favorites?

Dancing with the Stars

#10 Grey’s Anatomy

Who is alive? Who has died? Hopefully, the season premiere will at least rescue the doctors from that plane crash.

#9 Parks and Recreation

Last season’s election storyline is over, but Leslie’s new position on the Pawnee city council should be even better. In addition to a trip to Washington, we get to laugh at the town with the world’s best waffles and most amusing government.

#8 Revenge

Last season’s surprise soapy hit left us with little but questions. Did Victoria survive? Is Emily’s mother alive? Is Amanda pregnant with Jack’s baby? How can Emily destroy the lives of even more bad people? Things can only get twistier in season 2.


#7 Supernatural

The Leviathan threat is over. Dean is stuck in Purgatory. How do they get past that and what monsters can possibly be left for the Winchesters to kill? A new showrunner will hopefully give us a good answer.

#6 Glee

Glee is growing in its fourth season. The seniors have graduated, but we can look forward to new settings (including New York) and new characters. Can Glee pull it off? Either way, at least the music will be good.

#5 Bones

There are few better ways to shake up a show than to accuse a main character of murder and have her go on the run as the season ends. We’re looking forward to Booth and the Jeffersonian team getting Brennan back and somehow moving on to more icky bodies.

#4 Community

Can Community bring back its insane brilliance for a fourth season without showrunner Dan Harmon? We’ll only know when the show returns — maybe this change and a move to Friday nights will bring long-overdue success?


#3 The Vampire Diaries

Now that the main character is a vampire, everything is different on The Vampire Diaries. Elena’s story is but one of the exciting twists we can expect on this wonderfully written and fast-moving show.

#2 Castle

Their unexpected night of passion will necessarily change the Castle/Beckett relationship this season. Will they stay together? Will Beckett return to the police force? How will others react? On a show like Castle, the answers are sure to be a lot of fun.


#1 Fringe

Heading into its final, 13-episode season, Fringe looks ready to go out with a bang. Jumps to the future, the fight against the Observers and a big finale are all coming this fall.


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