The summer finale of Pretty Little Liars lived up to expectations as an action-packed thriller to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Paige was set up to be the next ‘A,’ but of course that was too easy of an answer to actually be true.

The scene opens with Hannah crying hysterically while Emily talks with the police who were asking if the “deceased” was a friend of hers…

Who to Trust?

Then we back up two days to find Paige receiving a mysterious text that she keeps a secret. Aria, Spencer, and Hannah are convinced she’s guilty and therefore stop at nothing to protect Emily. It isn’t until much later that we learn Paige was actually trying to keep Emily safe all along. ‘A’ certainly played into everyone’s emotions in this heart-gripping episode.

In this midst of turmoil, there’s a moment of bliss when Spencer and Toby take their relationship to the next level. As one of the most endearing couples on the show, fans should be none too surprised to see them seal their relationship by making love. Not only that, but they even profess their love for each other before Toby has to leave for a new job.

Then the tables are turned when Mona is seen walking calmly out of her insane asylum dressed as a nurse. We next see her in the infamous black hoodie plotting out her next move with an anonymous accomplice.

A Fatal Weekend

In a twist of fate, Emily leaves for the weekend with Nate — or who she thought was Nate. As the evening progresses, she realizes Nate is not who he says he is. Shockingly, he pulls out a knife claiming to be a Mr. London James who was once in love with Maya. His hate for Emily runs deep; he reveals that he wants to kill someone in front of her for whom she cares: Paige. In this way, it will be revenge for when Emily supposedly stole Maya from him.

Meanwhile, Aria, Spencer, and Hannah team up with Caleb to meet ‘A’ in a cemetery as planned, but soon realize it was all a set-up. Their concerns turn to Emily’s safety. They discover two possible locations for where Emily could be with Nate/London, so Caleb drives to one location while the girls scope out the other.

The drama wasn’t about to end there. Emily makes a run for it to lure Nate/London away from Paige. While trying to find cellular service at the top of a remote lighthouse, London finds her. Emily’s true grit and athletic ability serves her well, and she forcefully stabs him right before Caleb shows up.

One Last Shot

But the dying London makes one last move: he shoots Caleb. Now we are back where we started; the scene with Hannah breaking down is remarkably and eerily similar to the scene when Emily lost Maya so long ago.

The final twist: in the last few seconds of the episode, none other than Toby is revealed to be working with ‘A’! He is last seen in a black hoodie taking instructions from Mona. And Mona further implies Garrett is still in cahoots with the dark side.

No one is safe. Will Caleb live? Is Toby really the next A? What will happen with Spencer and him? Will Paige now be accepted? What is Mona’s next move? And what will Garrett do now that he is released?

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