In tonight’s episode, Annie (Piper Perabo) continues her romance with Simon and Jai’s (Sendhil Ramamurthy) death is still on everyone’s mind.

Sleeping with the enemy

This season, the writers took a pretty big risk by having their heroine cozy up to the bad guy, all for the sake of her mission. Especially since it seems like Annie might actually be falling for Simon, despite knowing that he’s a terrorist. Yet in tonight’s episode, Simon kills his own handler to keep Annie safe, so perhaps he is not all bad. After what Simon did to protect her, Annie is clearly torn over continuing this charade and manipulating Simon by using his feelings for her. On the one hand, if Simon poses a real threat, then he needs to be stopped. But at what cost? After several seasons of playing it safe, the show is heading into grey-area territory with this storyline and that makes for some pretty fascinating television.

Be a Better Man

Even though he has been fired from the Office of Special Projects, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) is still investigating Jai’s murder and that leads him to Jai’s father, Henry Wilcox (guest star Gregory Itzin). Papa Wilcox gives Auggie the location of Jai’s safe house, something that will hopefully lead to more information about what the deceased agent was up to before his untimely demise.

I cannot recall if Auggie and Henry had much interaction prior to this episode, but Gorham and Itzin play well off one another and their scenes were much more effective than Henry’s scenes with Arthur (Peter Gallagher) earlier this season.

Not the Politician Today

Speaking of Arthur, he and Joan (Kari Matchett) host a dinner party for a political big-shot in an attempt to improve Arthur’s chances of landing the Ambassador position. The dinner goes smoothly until the Senator accuses Arthur of wanting the China position so he can leave behind the mess he’s made and let the next guy take care of it. Arthur is not amused by this suggestion and tells Joan that he plans to stay right where he is until Jai’s murder is solved. Why is Arthur so intent on catching Jai’s killer himself? Is he worried that the next guy will botch the investigation or does he want to stay on because of his personal connection to Jai?

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