Season 1 of The Bastard Executioner is coming to an end and things are really starting to heat up with Wilkin Brattle and Lady Love. She knows his secret and it’s only a matter of time before they get together. So what will happen in this episode, “Broken Things/Pethau Toredig”?

The episode starts with Wilkin and Jessamy happy after their night together. Wilkin then goes outside to bury his friend, Calo, who Milus killed. Wilkin feels very guilty. Meanwhile, Isabel questions Lady Love about her relationship with Wilkin. Lady Love doesn’t want to hear it, though. Isabel leaves the room and Lady Love has a complete meltdown.

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Annora’s Escape

Father Ruskin is still with Annora reading the book of the Nazarene. She says there are nine scriptures written by Jesus, and whatever’s in that book just rocked his world. She says she and her people are chosen to protect the words of the Nazarene, and Annora says that they need a warrior. Could Father Ruskin be the one?

Little do they know, the Archedeacon and his men are out there looking for them, and they’re getting ready to attack. They come into one of the caves, but Annora and Father Ruskin are nowhere to be found. Instead, a bunch of snakes attack and kill one of them. The cave is full of traps, including a bomb.

Annora and Father Ruskin have escaped to the beach and Annora says she doesn’t want to be found. He questions her about Wilkin, but she won’t answer. The Dark Mute warns Annora that people will come for Father Ruskin now, but she calls it “his next test of faith.”

The Archdeacon continues to sacrifice people and searches for Father Ruskin. He says to look for him with a child. Father Ruskin, meanwhile, goes to talk to Wilkin and Toran about Annora and tells them that she left her cave, but he couldn’t answer any more questions. So they leave to go talk to her, and Wilkin puts Father Ruskin in charge of Luca. Of course, someone sees Father Ruskin with Luca.

Wilkin and Toran go to see Annora, who tells the Dark Mute, “It is time for them to see you as I do.” She reveals that he was burned in a fire set by the men he swore to protect. She tells them that she’s safe at the beach and she appreciates their concern.

Annora and Wilkin then talk privately and Wilkin whines about his inner turmoil and his feelings for Lady Love. She touches him and they see a vision of a nun trying to drown a baby (who I’m guessing is Wilkin) before she’s killed and the baby’s saved. Annora then says he and Lady Love will get together when there aren’t any secrets between them.

Unfortunately, they’re interrupted when a group of men attacks and a huge fight breaks out. It’s the nomads getting revenge on Wilkin and Toran. Somehow, the Dark Mute is some master fighter and saves the day. He tells Wilkin and Toran to save Annora as more men approach. And he obliterates them. Annora has a vision, though, and freaks out.

Lady Love Takes Control

Milus and Lady Love meet with a few soldiers. They want to combine efforts. Lady Love will let them use their ports and the Parliament will make sure their shire won’t be broken up. Part of the agreement with the King includes Gaveston being exiled. The problem? He’s missing. They want to pay Milus and Lady Love to tell them where he is. Lady Love asks if they could do her a favor if she delivers Gaveston. She wants the authority to handle the rebellion. They say yes, but they don’t take her very seriously.

Milus asks Lady Love if she can really negotiate with the rebels and the Wolf, since he doesn’t know he’s her brother. He also says, “There may also be a source within our very walls.”

Milus lets the sisters know that he’s hunting for Gaveston. Obviously, they’re not pleased and rush off, but he’s clearly setting them up. They are about to ride off to warn Gaveston, but Milus catches them and locks them up. Since Wilkin’s not around, Milus has one of the knights punish them instead. They kill one of the sisters, and needless to say, it’s as gruesome as you’d expect, but they got the answers they wanted and now they know where Gaveston is.

Now the question is: how do they capture Gaveston? Milus wants to take Wilkin and go find Gaveston, but Lady Love and one of the knights question him. Still, he decides to take him. Milus then questions Lady Love about her relationship with Wilkin. Lady Love has only become more “formidable” since her husband’s death. “It will be the Devil’s best work to have scandal take that away,” he says. Well, too bad. We all know this is happening.

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Will Wilkin and Lady Love Ever Happen?

Meanwhile, Wilkin and Toran get back to the dungeon to find the traumatized other sister. Jessamy, Luca and the baby show up, but Willkin leads them out and they run into Isabel, who has a letter from Lady Love, which, of course, makes Jessamy suspicious.

So Wilkin goes to see Lady Love for their weekly meeting. She tells him about their plan for Gaveston. She doesn’t want Wilkin to go because it’s so dangerous. Then she reveals that she’s not actually pregnant. “You are aware that giving birth to a pillow neither serves the shire nor yourself?” Wilkin says. Lady Love says that people are concerned about how much time they’re spending together, but she wants to keep seeing him and they kiss. But, of course, that’s when Jessamy walks in on them and loses it. “I deserve him,” Jessamy says.

Father Ruskin takes care of Jessamy as Wilkin and Lady Love watch. Then they all leave her and talk outside. Father Ruskin also says he’ll take care of Luca. Wilkin has to leave, so Lady Love and Isabel sit with Jessamy. “Are you in love with him?” Isabel asks Lady Love. “Perhaps,” she says. Father Ruskin, meanwhile, takes Luca to say goodbye to Wilkin and then back to his house, where they’re attacked and captured.

The Bastard Executioner airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on FX.

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