After the second round of dates on The Bachelorette there are several men that are clearly in the lead for the race to win Andi’s heart.

Let’s rank the remaining 16 contestants according to where they fall on a spectrum that goes from “Major Contenders” to “Who?”

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Major Contenders

Eric. Yes, we already know that Eric doesn’t end up with Andi (or anyone, sadly), but after his one-on-one date, he seems poised to be one of the frontrunners next week. Andi loves how well-traveled he is, plus she thinks he’s hot. Selecting him as her first one-on-one date was huge, and I’m curious to see what ultimately gets him sent home. Perhaps the fact that they didn’t kiss on this date is a factor?

Nick V. This is a case of Andi not putting him on a group date because she definitely knows she is keeping him around. And his little “Let’s get things popping” date card that he gives Andi at the cocktail party is just adorable. I’m Andi’s totally crushing on Nick V.

Josh M. Do we still have to call him “Josh M.” if he’s the only Josh left? Anywho, the chemistry between Andi and Josh is electric. Yes, she is concerned that he’s the typical jock who’s been wrong for her in the past, but, like, he tells her that he’s not. So she should like, totally trust him, right? Whether or not Josh actually is a cad, currently Andi is blinded by his charm and his good looks. He will have to make a major mistake to drop from her Most Wanted list.

Chris. First of all, I was surprised that Chris gets a date alone with Andi. Once there, it seemed like all he had to do was clean up nice and not get wasted in order for Andi to proclaim that he was a gentleman and make out with him. Andi thinks Chris is hot, too, and she even sees the fact that he broke off an engagement as courageous, rather than a case of cold feet. So basically, thanks to alcoholic Craig the night before, Chris comes off like a 10 when he’s really probably only a 7.

Marcus. Marcus, Marcus, Marcus. Every time I think I have you figured out, you turn around and do a striptease solo number and confuse me. Shy, sensitive, hot Marcus is adorably nervous to perform at the charity event, but he perseveres and ends up with the group date rose. Andi loved how he did his dance, plus he was the one guy to calm her down after the Craig drama, scoring major points.

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On the Rise

Brian. The quiet nerd pulls Andi aside first during the evening portion of the group date and Andi tells him that she really appreciated his dancing efforts. This makes Brian happy and red in the face, like most encounters with a female.

Marquel. Marquel laments that he didn’t get any time to talk to Andi on the group date, but luckily, his hot body, his fabulous gingham shirts and the promise of future cookie surprises has earns him a rose. I mean, that’s why I would keep him around.

Dylan. Andi takes special notice of Dylan’s dance moves during the firefighter strip routine. Dylan is super-hot, but he’ll need to step it up in the personality department next episode.

Patrick. Patrick is irresistible as a male stripper, plus he only gets respectfully buzzed at the after-party. I am confident that next week, we will see him make major moves towards Andi.

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Bradley. I’m still shocked he got a rose after the awkward serenade. He won’t last past next week.

Ron. There has been no significant interaction between Ron and Andi thus far, but I guess someone had to take Craig’s rose when he went home.

J.J. I’m always confused. Does Andi already know whether or not she likes the guys who don’t get a date card the entire week? I feel like we know nothing about this “Pantsapreneur,” yet he got a rose.

Andrew. Like Ron, I’ve seen no interaction between Andi and Andrew. Plus their names together would be like the world’s cheesiest couple.

Tasos. Tasos had momentum in the first week, when Andi took a liking to his uniqueness. This week, not so much. No sparks and no advancement for Tasos. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Cody. Is anyone sure why Cody is still here? I wouldn’t touch Mr. Too Tan with a ten-foot pole, and I highly doubt Andi would either. He just seems like the type of guy to have caught an STD from a Jersey Shore hot tub.

Brett. I had to go back and check my notes, but yes, it seems Brett was on the group date. He just made so little an impression on me (and probably Andi), that I didn’t remember it.

The Bachlorette airs in a special two night event next Sunday and Monday at 8pm on ABC.

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