Twilley may not have been the man for DeAnna, this season on The Bachelorette, but he did provide some entertaining storylines. Early on, when he felt that DeAnna didn’t know him well enough, he hid in her bushes after a date and waited for her so that he could have a conversation with her. Between his quirky sense of humor and his motion sickness, he certainly kept viewers smiling though it was no surprise when he got sent home this past Monday. Today, Twilley spoke to reporters in a press conference call about what he could have done differently and he makes a surprising prediction for this season’s finale of The Bachelorette.

It came as no shock to Twilley that he didn’t receive a rose on Monday night’s episode. In fact, he hasn’t been surprised at any of the eliminations recently. “Brian, Robert, Fred … I felt like none of us had any chemistry with her,” he told reporters. “I thought maybe she wanted to see if something was there [with me]. I felt like I was a backup, one of the last guys she felt safe with.”

Twilley knew what the rest of America knew: that he and DeAnna had zero connection. It would be easy for him to blame it on the fact that they had very little one on one time but he knows better. “Looking back on it, I don’t think that there would’ve been [a connection] even if we spent a day and a half trapped in an elevator together talking the whole time,” he admitted. “I think we would’ve been real good friends. Some things you can’t force.”

One reporter implied that Twilley was kept around because producers wanted him there, not DeAnna. When he said that he could understand why DeAnna would consults producers on decisions, especially early on, an ABC rep jumped in on the call and insisted the DeAnna makes her own decisions. According to ABC, production plays no part in the roses that are given or not given out at each ceremony.

Twilley weighed in on the final four guys and said that when he watched the episodes back, it was a little bit different than what he saw when he was filming the show. For example? “I did not see a lot of chemistry between her and Jeremy,” he said. “Watching the show has been a little shocking to see the one on one time they had. I had no idea.” That would mean to viewers that it seems Jason or Graham will be the last man standing, but no so, says Twilley. “I think Jesse will win, I think he’ll be the final guy.”

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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