The top nine couples return for the second week of competition on So You Think You Can Dance to continue to try to win America’s hearts and become America’s favorite dancer.

Tonight’s two-hour performance show was packed with all kinds of styles, from the stately Viennese waltz to the hard-hitting krump.  Some pairs fell a little flat, but some truly shined.  Who do you think will make it through to next week?  Who will find themselves in the bottom 3 in tomorrow’s So You Think You Can Dance results show?  Read on to see what I thought of the evening’s performances.

1. Courtney Galiano and Gev Manoukian – Contemporary

OK, I’ll admit it.  I love these two.  They are not only photogenic and adorable, but they have amazing chemistry when they dance together.  They danced a contemporary piece by Mandy Moore tonight, and they really sold it.  I loved how the routine really showed off their technique and pointed toes, and most importantly, their passion.

2. Kherington Payne and Twitch Boss – Viennese waltz

Twitchington’s Viennese waltz tonight was a wonderfully personal and intimate routine that choreographer Jean-Marc Genereux dedicated to his daughter, who suffers from a physical disability.  Everything about this performance, Celine Dion song notwithstanding, was breathtaking.  It’s not a stretch to believe that Kherington could excel at the Viennese waltz, but Twitch continues to impress everybody with his versatility.

3. Katee Shean and Joshua Allen – Broadway

Katee and Josh seem to be the golden couple, after their phenomenal hip hop routine on last week’s So You Think You Can Dance.  This week, they had a fun, fast-paced and extremely challenging Broadway routine, which the judges raved and raved over.  These two dancers have an amazing connection with each other, and every moment of their performance shined.

4. Jessica King and William Wingfield – Hip hop

Will is amazing.  I can’t gush enough about him.  These two would have been higher in my rankings if Jessica were a stronger dancer.  She performed convincingly tonight, but side by side with Will, it was clear that she was being overshadowed.

5. Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura – Argentine tango

I love Chelsie and Mark because they look like really great, fun and quirky people.  They danced a very sexy Argentine tango tonight, which Nigel Lythgoe thought should have been a little sleazier.  We get it, Nigel, you’re a horndog.  But it took Chelsie and Mark a little while to really settle into the sauciness of the tango, and when they are up against other amazing performers, they really need to be on for the entire routine.

6.  Kourtni Lind and Matt Dorame – Foxtrot

Kourtni and Matt looked wonderfully graceful and very old Hollywood glamorous in their foxtrot routine tonight.  The judges had a lot of nitpicks for them, for their footwork and upper body posture, but it was still an entertaining performance.

7. Comfort Fedoke and Chris Jarosz – Krump

It’s a travesty that Comfort has to be paired with this dude.  She was definitely in her element with this krump routine and blew her partner out of the water.  That said, Chris wasn’t terrible, even though apparently, Nigel’s granny is more gangsta than he.

8.  Susie Garcia and Marquis Cunningham – Salsa

I started out this as a Susie-hater, but I swear, she has surprised me with her skill. However, I didn’t think she delivered tonight. She was clearly better than Marquis, which is to be expected since salsa is her thing, and they did entertain me with some cool moves, especially the lifts, but I was expecting more.

9.  Chelsea Traille and Thayne Jasperson – Jazz

Chelsea and Thayne had quirky, interesting costumes and compelling Mandy Moore choreography that told a great story, but I was bored by their performance. They haven’t yet developed a great chemistry, and they continue to dance as if they are alone on stage. These two could be in danger of going home tomorrow.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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