Appearing on a show like Big Brother appears to give one a false sense of fame.  Or perhaps these people already had an intense desire for fame in the first place.  You see, it takes a special kind of person to participate on Big Brother.  You have to have a very high opinion of yourself, confident that you won’t make a fool of yourself after intense around-the-clock scrutiny.  Many Big Brother contestants have a difficult time transitioning to the real world after Big Brother, holding on to any semblance of fame they may have received during their season.  Yesterday, we took a look at contestants from the first three seasons of Big Brother.  Today, we’ll look at where contestants from Big Brother 4-6 are these days. 

Big Brother: Where are They Now? - Seasons 4-6

Erika Landin: 

Erika appeared on both Big Brother 4 and Big Brother: All-Stars (where she was the runner-up).  She has also appeared in a variety of television commercials.  Recently, Erika Landin worked in casting and had a part in casting Survivor seasons 12-16, and The Amazing Race 9-12.  Erika is currently engaged to Adam Gentry, who was a contestant on Survivor: Cook Islands. 

Holly King: 

Holly, who was a model before appearing on Big Brother 5, has continued modeling and acting work in Los Angeles.  She has had bit roles on Two and a Half Men and Nip/Tuck. 

Big Brother 6 Alumni: 

It seems that the cast of Big Brother 6, more so than any other season, has attempted to ride their Big Brother fame into the entertainment industry.  Janelle Pierzina continues to model and “act”, even appearing in Playboy.  She has also had bit parts on TV, including on the NBC drama Las Vegas.  James Rhine works as a part-time model but mostly makes his living as a bartender at trendy LA establishments, such as Le Deux.  He plans to continue his education and eventually acquire a law degree.  Kaysar Ridha has started his own t-shirt company.  Howie Gordon has appeared at every single reality TV event around the country and is squeezing every last bit of fame out of his two Big Brother appearances.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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