It’s only the second week of The Bachelorette season 10 and Andi Dorfman’s already dealing with a wasted suitor. Craig, the tax accountant, stole the crazy moment spotlight this week as he raved about Josh’s body, got drunk, jumped in the pool with his clothes during a group date and was escorted back to the house by producers. Though he tried to apologize by bursting into an awful song, that wasn’t enough for Andi to keep him around. 

As expected, Craig became a hot topic among Bachelorette fans. Below you can find reactions from Andi Dorfman, host Chris Harrison and Bachelorette season 8 star Emily Maynard, as well as their thoughts on the men who stood out this week.

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Andi Dorfman on Craig: “I love seeing the guys have fun, but obviously there was a line and Craig clearly crossed it. I was frustrated that this was already happening that early on. I kept reminding myself that no matter how upset I was, I needed to focus on the guys who were behaving appropriately and were taking this seriously…  Oh Craig … I adored his song! What was so funny was that he sang/apologized for showing his junk to all the guys, but I never even knew that happened. He was singing and apologizing for something I didn’t know about! Too funny. Although he was so sweet, I just couldn’t keep him another week. It broke my heart, but I just didn’t think this was the right environment for him.”

Chris Harrison on Craig: “This was all set up to be a nice evening, that is until Craig decided he was going to do his best ‘Champ’ impersonation from the movie Anchorman. The only difference is, he chose to do the impersonation while he was three sheets to the wind. Craig seemed so enamored with Josh I kept waiting for him to proclaim he was a mess without him and how he misses his musk and that they should get a place together. Craig was a complete disaster and the evening was pretty much ruined… Craig was left to pick up his dignity — and later, a guitar… Craig proved the best way to apologize for being in a complete drunken stupor on your date is to sing at not-so-good country song that’s masked as an apology. The only problem with this is that it actually isn’t a good idea at all, and Craig was sent home. I give Craig a hard time but I actually respect that fact that he was the first to realize he made a mistake. He felt horrible about how he acted and was horrified until he had a chance to apologize to everybody. We all make mistakes and it’s nice to see people own up to them.”

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Emily Maynard on Craig: “I loved that Andi showed Craig so much grace when he had too much to drink and didn’t call him out in front of everyone. I can’t figure out if she sent him home at the rose ceremony because he drank too much or because he was more into Josh than he was into her? Either way, I don’t think they were a match.” 

Meanwhile, Dorfman, Harrison and Maynard also talked about the front runners based on the second week of The Bachelorette season 10 and why they stood out.

According to Dorfman, Marcus really impressed her, her date with Chris was refreshing while her first kiss with Josh was romantic. “From doing his solo routine with such confidence and also humility to showing me he was serious about finding love, it was clear to me that Marcus deserved the rose, ” she wrote in her  People blog. “After that group date, I really needed Chris to come in and sweep me off my feet, and he really did… I loved my first kiss with Josh. He was so nervous, and I found it so adorable! I like a man who just goes in for the kiss, and in front of the mansion, dancing, that was the perfect moment. So romantic!”

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Maynard, on the other hand, is keeping her eye on Marcus and Chris. “I’m glad she gave the group date rose to Marcus! I definitely think he’s going to be around for a while,” Maynard wrote in her Parade blog.  “After her one-on-one with Chris, I think every single girl in America is looking for a farmer just like him!  I love that Chris showed a genuine interest in getting to know Andi and really built her confidence up throughout the entire date. Not only is he super cute, but he’s also such a gentleman!”

In an interview with TV Guide, Harrison revealed that fans will “absolutely fall in love with Chris.”

“Andi really gets who he is and appreciates it,” Harrison said. “He’s a country boy, but … has a sophisticated side a woman would be attracted to. Their date just went so well. It was a romantic day, he was just smiling all day and it made it easy for her to give him that kiss.”

Who do you think stood out in the second week of The Bachelorette season 10? 

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