With farmer Chris Soules out of the competition, Andi Dorfman now has to decided between Nick, the guy who earned her first impression rose, and Josh, the guy from her hometown. We won’t know for sure who will end up winning her heart until The Bachelorette season 10 finale but insight about this week’s Fantasy Suite dates from host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 8 star Emily Maynard and Dorfman herself might just give us some clues.

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Andi Dorfman on Nick: “Nick has this unique ability to just put any issues out in the open and work through them quickly, which I greatly admire… I absolutely loved the storybook Nick made for me… it was also one of the most romantic gifts I have ever been given. Between our great conversation on the beach, him saying he loved me and the beautiful book, I was excited to spend time with Nick, away from the cameras.” 

Andi Dorfman on Josh: “I will never forget watching Josh’s face light up with happiness being back on the diamond. Seeing him interact with the kids made me realize that he will make an amazing father someday. The afternoon ended with Josh telling me that he loved me. This was something I did not expect, but was so happy to hear… I loved seeing the more serious side to Josh and being able to talk about what the future would look like if we ended up together.”

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Emily Maynard on Nick: “If you’ve read my blog before you know that I’ve tried to root for the underdog and stick up for Nick when I can, but this week he’s made that pretty hard. In my opinion, men shouldn’t write poems, songs, and especially stories for a girl. Ever. It’s incredibly awkward just to watch so I can only imagine having to sit through the whole thing and not break out in a nervous sweat. He eventually dropped the ‘L bomb’ and I thought it was a really sweet moment, especially since he waited until the end and it seemed a little more natural. All in all, I think the date went well, despite the coloring book.”

Emily Maynard on Josh:She seems to be comfortable around him and able to relax a little more, since the conversation goes so naturally. And as a girl, the only time I’ve ever questioned a guys feelings is when I truly care and am scared of getting hurt myself, which I think explains why Andi presses Josh more than the others. Even her body language was different with him!”

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Chris Harrison on Nick and Josh: “The way I see it from my seat is Josh is her ‘comfort zone.’ Josh is her type, he’s the comfortable choice she’s fallen for many times during her life. This obviously hasn’t worked out so well in the past and that’s why she’s been so worried about this relationship and so skeptical of Josh all along. She’s worried about making the same old mistake. But the problem with the ‘comfort zone’ is it’s so darn comfortable. It just feels right even if it’s not. Nick, on the other hand is the unknown, the road or ‘rose’ less traveled. Nick is the kind of relationship and guy I think Andi aspires to be with. A guy she’s never really given herself a chance to fall for. Nick is a guy who will challenge her and push her in ways she’s never known before. The problem with the ‘road less traveled’ guy is at the end of the day when the pressure is on, can Andi really pull the trigger and choose this different lifestyle? I think it’s an incredibly compelling finale.” 

Who do you think is most compatible with Andi: Nick or Josh? 

The Bachelorette season 10 finale airs Monday, July 28 at 8pm on ABC. 

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