In this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon brings up new accusations against the Dubrows. Lizzie decides to throw a dinner party. Tamra gets caught stirring the pot. And Shannon has a very public breakdown.

Finger Pointing

Brooks and Vicki meet up with the Dubrows for dinner. Of course, the conversation turns to Shannon and Tamra’s malicious, in Vicki’s opinion, treatment of Shannon. Heather tells her side: Shannon showed up at her house, uninvited, and got progressively more agitated, so Heather asked her to leave. She felt it was hypocritical of Shannon to play the mother card, especially when the woman was coming unhinged with Heather’s children playing in the next room. Not to mention, Heather is still peeved about the dressing-down she got from Shannon at the Christmas party.

Vicki feels like Heather kicked Shannon when she was down. She’s forced to backpedal when Heather says she invited Shannon to sit, gave her a cool beverage and even offered up a hug. None of those details made it into Shannon’s version of the story.

Heather shouldn’t waste her breath defending herself because Vicki is Team Shannon all the way. She doesn’t like the fact that Heather appears to have no compassion for Shannon. Vicki tells Heather she needs to be nice to Shannon, which doesn’t go over well even when she says she’s going to tell her new bestie the same thing.

Vicki, who says they should all be nice to one another, can’t wait to start trash talking the prissy brunette to Tamra. The two discuss Heather’s annoying habit of finger pointing (literally). Cut to multiple clips of Heather waggling her finger at people. Vicki says she likes both women and doesn’t want to be in the middle of their squabble with absolutely no sense of irony. She and Tamra not only have reserved seats between Shannon and Heather, but they’ve actually acted as instigators as well.

To the Winner Goes the Leftovers

Lizzie, who obviously hasn’t learned that dinner parties are a bad idea, had decided to throw one at her family’s beach house. She and her husband are in the midst of renovating the dated interior, but the place offers more space for entertaining or brawling — whichever.

Poor, poor Lizzie. She’s so anxious to throw an elegant party, and as Vicki predicts, it’s bound to be a shit show. Her money would have been better spent on a mud pit, oil and a referee.

The Takedown

The stage is set before the guests even arrive. As the Beadors head to the party, Shannon reveals that Tamra told her Terry Dubrow has said on multiple occasions that he wants to take the Beadors down. What the hell does that mean? All of a sudden, RHOC has turned into Dynasty.

Meanwhile, Heather complains to Terry that she’s been yelled at by Shannon so often she’s becoming “dinner party phobic.”

The two women start out well enough: civil greetings, even a peck on the cheek. But as soon as Tamra arrives, Shannon quickly pulls her aside to confirm the whole take down statement. Shannon is convinced that Tamra has told her and David, several times, that Terry has told her he wants to take the Beadors down. Tamra says she doesn’t recall saying any such thing.

True, Terry is no fan of the couple, but the mild-mannered, onion-ring-loving plastic surgeon isn’t about to orchestrate some Machiavellian scheme against them.

Shannon accuses Tamra of trying to make her look nuts, but she really doesn’t need any help in that department. She’s determined to move forward with her accusations despite Tamra’s denial. Shannon’s convinced that Tamra won’t come clean because she doesn’t want the Dubrows to get pissed off at her for betraying their confidence. It could all be settled pretty easily, but apparently none of these conversations were caught on tape.

Tamra makes it clear that Shannon should deal with Heather directly. Shannon refuses because she doesn’t have any back-up. So, theoretically, this should be the end of it. Right?

During dinner, Tamra once again throws Shannon under the bus by telling Terry and Heather about her unsubstantiated allegations against the good doctor. Way to not be in the middle, Tamra.

Terry immediately confronts Shannon, and David jumps in to defend his wife. When confronted, Tamra maintains her innocence. Too bad that it turns out she told Vicki the same thing.

David chastises Heather for talking about his marriage. She thinks he needs to take that up with his wife, who was boo-hooing on Tamra’s shoulder about their troubles.

Lizzie can’t believe that Shannon would just make all of this up and suspects Tamra of stirring up trouble. Her suspicions are further heightened when Tamra takes Heather outside for a private chat. Heather is steadfast that Tamra is not a liar, but that doesn’t stop Tamra from backstabbing Shannon again by saying she’s drunk and crazy. Crazy is right. It’s about to get all kinds of crazy up in Lizzie’s lovely beach house.

Despite Brooks’ urgings, Vicki refuses to get involved. She’s convinced that if she rats out Tamra, Brooks will suffer the consequences.

Inside, Shannon tells Terry that her husband can back up her story. Terry doesn’t really care other than he would have preferred to be confronted in a more private setting. And for the record, he absolutely does not want to take the Beadors down. David has to be the biggest c**k on the block and says that Terry couldn’t take him down. This just winds Terry up all over again.

David then turns his venom on Tamra who has just returned to the table. He calls her out for starting this whole mess. So they head outside. Lizzie’s just glad she has a place for people to go work out their crap.

David chastises Tamra for spreading gossip about their marriage. Tamra does some serious tap dancing to make herself look as innocent as possible. She calls Heather back outside to corroborate, and Heather says that she didn’t say anything to anyone that wasn’t already common knowledge. The whole of the OC knows the Beadors have a crappy marriage.

Shannon grows infuriated because she feels Heather is once again spinning things in her favor. Poor Shannon, always the victim. In fact, the lady goes full-on One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and storms off. Tamra tries to soothe the savage beast, but Shannon is inconsolable.

And as for Lizzie, her dinner party will go down as one of the best of the worst.

Once again, Brooks provides the most TMI moment of the show when he gushes over Vicki’s vagina. Ugggghhh.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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