Big Brother 16 is two for two in using the Power of Veto, meaning the first two weeks boasted an astounding five nominees each. With the plan to backdoor Devin, did that streak continue?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Donny won the Power of Veto (again).

Donny saved Jocasta. Devin is the replacement nominee.

In the aftermath, Devin is handling his nomination (and almost certain eviction) gracefully. It sounds like the ceremony was very touching when Donny saved Jocasta, with plenty of tears.

This is only the third time the PoV has been used in each of the first three weeks. It happened in season 11, and last year it was used for the first seven times in a row.

It also means that, after just three weeks, Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Christine are the only HGs who have not been nominated. Frankie and Christine are also two of the five who have yet to be Have-Nots (joining Jocasta, Donny and Nicole), while Frankie, Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta are the only people yet to play in a Power of Veto competition (Jocasta was too sick to actually play this week even though she was eligible).

Now it’s down to Caleb vs. Devin, and though there may be some campaigning, it’s looking like Devin is on his way out. There was a brief bit of paranoia over the weekend when Frankie and others started talking about what would happen if Donny didn’t use it, with everyone agreeing Caleb would’ve been evicted. However, Derrick put an end to that madness, assuring everyone that Devin going is the plan.

There may still be an attempt to get rid of Caleb (Hayden and Nicole seem most likely to try and spearhead it), but I doubt it. Derrick knows that if he tries to backdoor Devin and he doesn’t go home, it is extremely bad for his game, and he’s done a good job convincing everyone else that Devin is dangerous in competitions, even without allies. If Nicole and Hayden try to rally votes against Caleb, it will paint giant targets on their backs.

The other key selling point is that Caleb is so easy to manipulate, especially since he voluntarily got nominated and lost the Battle of the Block this week to save Amber. Why get rid of someone who will be willing to fall on his own sword again in the future to save Amber?

I said it last week (though I was wrong because Zach stayed), but this week is eerily similar to the third week last year, when Helen successfully backdoored Jeremy. That was her goal from the start and it all went according to plan. If you just replace Jeremy with Devin, this week is quite similar (minus all the bed-flipping and racism).

Unlike last week, the Big Brother 16 house has been extremely quiet and dull recently. With everyone pretty much on board to evict Devin, there isn’t nearly as much scrambling and chaos. The HGs have mostly been hanging out, sleeping and joking around.

The only interesting thing is that the house is rapidly turning on Donny. Viewers saw him make a big mistake with Nicole that led to his nomination on Sunday’s episode, but the HGs are even more suspicious of him now. The Team America mission really hurt him, because when he told Nicole about the rumor that Zach and season 15’s Amanda are cousins, Nicole started to think he was some type of America’s Player, getting orders from the public.

However, Nicole did tell Christine, and Derrick told the rumor to Caleb (who then told Amber), so, based on the live feeds, it seems as though Team America might be 2 for 3 on its first mission. Frankie just needs to pull it off before midnight.

Now all eyes are on the next HoH competition. For the most part, the Bomb Squad seems to have remained intact, with most members talking about nominating some arrangement of Jocasta, Victoria, Brittany and Donny. Those Outsiders are going to need a miracle HoH win to avoid constantly going on the block.

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