Well, we’ve reached that point in Andi Dorfman’s journey, folks. She has narrowed down her pool of 25 eligible bachelors to only two: Josh and Nick.

It’s pretty much assumed that both men will propose to Andi during the finale episode of The Bachelorette season 10, but will she say “yes” to the right one?

She will if the man she accepts a ring from is Josh, the former pro baseball player from Atlanta!

Here are seven reasons why Nick is the wrong choice for Andi:

1. Nick Doesn’t Play Well with Others

Nick didn’t get along with any of the other guys during his time on the show. In fact, they pretty much hated him. Does Andi want to spend all those Bachelor family reunions and get-togethers in years to come with a villain by her side? No, she does not.

2. He Got the First Impression Rose

Basically, he’s cursed. Not the best way to start out a relationship that already has the curse of being born on The Bachelorette, which has produced two successful marriages (and an engagement) out of the past nine seasons. And the track record for The Bachelor is even worse.

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3. Nick Is a Mumbler

Andi will probably parlay this gig into another reality TV show gig and she will need a partner who is comfortable with the limelight. Nick gets easily flustered and speaks like he has marbles rolling around in his mouth. Josh, on the other hand, is a born star. He relishes the spotlight, but would gladly share it with his lady love.

4. Nick’s Family Is Too Darn Big

Nick has ten siblings. Can you even imagine the amount of money you would have to spend on Christmas presents? And just wait til all the siblings have kids! Josh only has two siblings, while Andi has one. She’d fit in better with Josh’s family.

5. Nick Gets Irrationally Cranky

Do you remember how Nick acted on group dates? He was sullen and salty, to use Andi’s words. If Nick couldn’t put on a happy face for that, how’s he going to react in real life when something minor goes wrong? We already know he doesn’t take breakups well. This doesn’t bode well for a potential marriage and parenting partner.

6. It’s Difficult for Nick to Express His Feelings

Andi is a bit insecure and wants a lot of reassurance that all the guys there love her and won’t hurt her. It took Nick until the second to last week to profess his love, while Josh opened up way earlier. Andi needs a guy like Josh to constantly be heaping adoration on her.

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7. Nick Lives in Chicago

Andi lives in Atlanta. Josh lives in Atlanta. Nick lives in Chicago. You do the math. It would be so much more difficult to start a life with Nick. Which person would move? Would Andi hate Chicago? Would Nick hate Atlanta? Meanwhile, Andi and Josh could take the same flight back to Atlanta after the Final Rose Ceremony and start dating like a regular couple who lives near each other.

Josh is hands-down the smarter choice for Andi. Yes, both guys seem to love her. But Josh is clearly the more suitable match.

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Lindsay Podolak

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV