Well, ladies and gents, he’s done it again!

Even ABC must admit that TV blogger “Reality Steve” knows how to make and work the right connections, as today he posted more information on his blog than any number of screencap-analyzers and Facebook-sleuths have been able to figure out since before this season of The Bachelor began: who Jake Pavelka’s final choices are, right down to the final girl!

Steve also claims to have unearthed what truly went down between one contestant and a Bachelor crew member, a situation that ABC promos and host Chris Harrison have been trying to paint as a “sexual affair.” That’s not the whole, or even close to factual, story, says Steve. And he’s got the real story out in the open before they can even get theirs on the air.

We’ve got to give credit where credit’s due, and we also don’t want to spoil anyone when it comes to upcoming eliminations… unless they want to be spoiled!

Below, you’ll find a link to Steve’s blog to find out which girls end up in 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st place on this season of The Bachelor. None of this is confirmed, of course, so read at your own risk.

Also, read on for a brief summary of Steve’s claims about the truth behind the upcoming “scandal,” including which woman is involved.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoiler post:
Spoilers for the rest of the season & the truth behind the “Rozlyn” scandal

The “Scandal”:

According to Reality Steve’s unnamed sources (presumably within ABC), the network convinced model and single mother Rozlyn to appear on the show by promising that she could speak to her young son often, and that they would fly him out as well. This never happened, and instead the producers urged Rozlyn not to tell Jake about her son, all while baiting the other women in the house (who knew that Rozlyn was a mother) to speculate about why Rozlyn would “hide” that information from The Bachelor. Feeling betrayed by the show, Rozlyn requested to leave, and so the producers concocted a more suitable exit storyline to heighten the drama and put the blame on her for her abrupt departure.

Steve reports that one of the Bachelor producers did take an unusual interest in Rozlyn, and began giving her special attention, which the other women then noticed, and they became suspicious that Rozlyn was getting special treatment and advantages with Jake on the show. Apparently the producer admitted that he was “falling for” Rozlyn, but never admitted that the relationship was physical in any way, let alone a “sexual affair,” as is being speculated now. Both Rozlyn’s and the producer’s behavior were deemed “inappropriate” by the program, and next week’s episode will show the consequences: Rozlyn will be asked to leave, and the producer will be fired. What won’t be shown, says Steve, is any proof that a sexual affair ever occurred. Because, according to his sources, it never happened.

Follow the link above to read Reality Steve’s full coverage of this breaking Bachelor story.

Once again, remember that this information has been fed through unnamed channels, and nothing is confirmed. It’s up to you whether you believe what will be shown next week during The Bachelor, or the ‘true story’ that Reality Steve has reported from what he claims are very reliable sources. Given Steve’s scoop about the Bachelor 13 fiasco with Jason, Melissa and Molly, I’m personally inclined to believe Steve!

Steve claims he is attempting to reach Rozlyn to hear her side of the story, but it’s doubtful that the network will allow anything near full disclosure.

My questions to my Bachelor readers: Does finding out about these major discrepancies in the storyline taint your enjoyment of the series? Does ABC have the right to invent and change events on their series, even if it means publicly defaming the character of a single mother?

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