If you believe Reality Steve, the surprisingly prescient blogger of such things, then yes. Sean Lowe will be the next man up on The Bachelor.

Citing his usual anonymous sources of frighteningly accurate information, Reality Steve posted in his blog on Thursday, September 13 that Sean Lowe has already begun “work” as the next man to find “love” on The Bachelor. What exactly does Reality Steve have as proof?

“The biggest news of yesterday was I was made aware that Sean [Lowe] was at his parents house filming his intro videos, so safe to say he’s going to be the next ‘Bachelor,'” Reality Steve explains. “Sean was filming in the front yard in his swim trunks, playing in the sprinklers with his niece and nephew while cameras rolled. I expect this to be part of his video package in the beginning where we hear voiceovers of him talking about how he knows the process can work, he’s excited about finding a wife, and saying the exact same things the 24 previous leads before him have said, all while walking the streets of Dallas aimlessly looking into the sky and pondering deep thoughts in his head.”

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by The Bachelor or ABC. Reality Steve is not surprised by this. “I have no idea when the network is going to announce it officially, but all this BS [Mike] Fleiss and Chris Harrison run to the media and on Twitter was just to keep people talking,” Steve writes.

Earlier reports from Reality Steve had indicated that Roberto Martinez (a former Bachelorette “winner” since dumped by his “true love” Ali Fedotowsky) would be the next Bachelor. Apparently not. “Right now, I think I feel comfortable in saying that Roberto is out of the picture,” Steve posted on Tuesday, September 11.

This newer report takes the place of one posted by Reality Steve on June 7, in which the blogger declared Roberto the newest Bachelor. Citing a Life & Style magazine source, Steve said the contract had been signed. That information has since proved false.

Sean Lowe was a contestant on the most recent season of The Bachelorette, in which he failed to win the love of Emily Maynard. He probably hopes to do better this time.

Do you believe Reality Steve on this one? Are you excited about Sean Lowe as the next Bachelor? Are you planning to watch? Leave your comments below!

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