Us Weekly’s “Bachelor Dirty Secrets” issue came out this week, and their 2-page spread delved into the pasts of Bachelor Jake’s final four women–especially Vienna Girardi, whose troubled first marriage has provided lots of fodder for viewers who can’t stand her “spoiled daddy’s girl” persona.

If you didn’t get a chance to pick up the issue, here are the highlights and low blows that Us Weekly dealt ex-Hooters girl Vienna and her competition for Jake’s love: model Gia Allemand, girl next door Ali Fedotowsky, and sweetheart Tenley Molzahn. Is there a suitable wife for Jake in the bunch?

Plus: Radar Online spoke to Vienna’s close friend, who explains her side of the “stealing money from her Marine ex-husband for a boob job” story. But does her defense stand up?

Vienna Girardi:

Beyond the disparaging remarks from her ex-husband and ex-mother-in-law, an anonymous former classmate spoke to Us about Vienna’s problem personality, saying she “was the girl in high school who would cry because she claimed nobody liked her, then flirt to get attention. She stole a lot of boyfriends.”

After the full-on character-bashing, the mag added in a tiny section “defending” Girardi with two half-hearted endorsements: a former Hooters co-worker says Vienna “was happy and outgoing,” while another high school classmate named Lindsay Hitchcock tells Us, “She’s not quite that vicious. She was always nice to me.”

Radar Online found a more ringing endorsement of Vienna’s character from a “close family friend” who claims the accusations that Girardi lied, cheated, and stole from her ex-husband are untrue:

Vienna did not cheat on her ex-husband, and “never would have married this guy unless he talked her into it,” said the friend. Girardi was a “straight A student” on an academic scholarship, and “her father was devastated when she got married and moved to North Carolina but he loaned her the money to set up their new lives there.”

“Josh [the ex] said that she had stolen the money from him but really she had just taken the money out of their account that she owed her father,” says Girardi’s friend. “It was a joint account so I think stealing is not what she did. She had every right to take that money as her name was on the account too.”

The friend also disputes the claim that Girardi used the money for breast implants: “She came back from this marriage and worked at Hooters and she bought her boobs by herself and I don’t think she is even finished paying off.”

Plus, Girardi’s friend adds, the claims against Vienna’s character are also untrue: “She is a sweet person that is always joking around and having fun, she doesn’t mean to insult people she is just joking around and those people are jealous.

“It is really sad that people are saying such mean lies about Vienna because she has always been such a great kid and she has always volunteered at the church. She came home after shooting the show and fed the homeless at Christmas.

“She is just a really good person.”

Gia Allemand:

Gia, the classically trained ballerina and former Maxim model, got contradictory statements from former classmates and friends.

“She never had a boyfriend in high school,” one childhood pal told the magazine, while another begged to differ, saying, “”Every guy wanted to be with her. She comes off as innocent, but she hooked up with everyone.”

But Gia has a few big relationships under her belt, most recently to two professional athletes: she posed for Maxim in 2007, shortly she allegedly caught her boyfriend, ex-New York Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano, cheating. She then dated Ottawa Senators star Chris Campoli. Gia’s friend Amanda Olson said “she wanted to settle down with him,” but he broke up with her in 2009.

Olson also dished on Gia’s plastic surgeries. On Gia’s breast implants, Olson said, “She was unhappy with the first surgery, she had to get them redone. She did ballet for a long time. Now she’s too top-heavy.” The friend also said that Gia had her nose reshaped, but her lips are natural.

Ali Fedotowsky:

Us didn’t manage to dig up too much dirt on this sweet and sassy girl next door, whose friend Trisha Patel said she acts like herself on The Bachelor: “When she wore a dress with sneakers at a rose ceremony, that was typical Ali.”

Beyond that, all we learn about Ali is that she prefers “older guys,” and one high school friend thinks Ali “needs to be open instead of talking behind someone’s back,” referring to her dislike for Vienna.

Tenley Molzahn:

spoke to Tenley’s friend Krista Lenggiere-Ward about her cheating ex-husband, who said, “He seemed like a great guy, head over heels, but he wasn’t.”

Apparently Tenley’s ex, to whom she was married for 15 months and then split in 2009, is now engaged to the fellow cop with whom he cheated.

Tenley is apparently just as sweet and forgiving as she appears on The Bachelor: she posted Bible verses on her Facebook page after her divorce to help her through, and despite the split, her ex-husband’s uncle told Us, “She wrote us a nice Christmas letter last year.”

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