ABC has released another video from next week’s Lost episode, “What Kate Does”, and this time it’s a pretty quick one. 19 seconds, in fact–okay, so the video I embedded below runs for 45 seconds or so, but the whole thing’s just half that.

Anyway, this video now focuses on the post-Jughead timeline. Remember, the gang entered the Temple, met that Japanese dude and his translator Lennon, and were promised that they’d save Sayid… although he actually drowned and died. And then came back to life.

It’s just the Temple people asking for a private conversation with Sayid. But, of course, the implications of that conversation would be huge. Is Sayid really now Jacob? Was it just the Island working its healing powers? What happened to the “whoever’s dead remains dead” line Darlton launched shortly before the premiere, now with Locke dead and Jacob dead? (Or, is Jacob really dead?) Thoughts below, please.

(Image courtesy of ABC)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV