If cheering alone would take home the victory for this year’s Super Bowl, then the New Orleans Saints are mostly likely the winners.  Thanks to the whole Keeping Up with the Kardashians family, there’s plenty of support for the team’s very own Reggie Bush.

As the current beau of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, he’s been dominating sports and entertainment headlines this season.  Of course, she’s not the only one giving him her attention.  Even Kris Jenner, the mother and manager of the 29-year-old celebrity, was rooting for the Saints.

“SUPERBOWL SUNDAY, I’M IN MIAMI TRICK!” Kris exclaimed on her Twitter account.  “Getting ready for game…@kimkardashian and I are soooo nervous!!  GO SAINTS!!!!!!  She is having MINX nails put on that say BUSH 25  LOL LOL”

And certainly, Kim even posted a photo of the said body art.  To show even more support for her boyfriend, she put up her nails on her Twitter. 

“Check out my gold Minx nails!  They spell BUSH w a #25 on my thumbs!” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star said.

The excitement continued on her blog, where she sent even more good luck to the team she’s applauding.  This reality star surely is enthusiastic when it comes to games.  Or maybe just her boyfriend.

“Today is such a huge day!!  I want to wish the very best of luck to The Saints,” Kim Kardashian wrote.  “Here’s to an amazing day.  You can do it, boys!!”

Despite all the fun she’s been having though, the reality star had run into a bit of controversy during the affair.  According to Examiner.com, Kim encountered some false advertising saying she was hosting a New York party for the game.  She definitely stayed in Miami since last week, so she was aggravated by what the Hollywood club was promoting.

“I am NOT hosting a party tonight in NYC at a club called Touch!  Its the night before SUPERBOWL!!!!  U think I would leave my man?  Come on!” the socialite wrote on her Twitter.  “It’s so wrong when people use your name and picture on flyers!  Don’t u know that’s against the law!!!  False promotion!”

Well, we now know that Kim Kardashian isn’t one to let others get away with using her image without permission.  We’ve also discovered how much of a loyal girlfriend she is.  We’ll see if she can keep that up after the game then, shall we?

Source: Twitter, Kim Kardashian’s Blog, Examiner.com
(Image Courtesy of WENN)

Maria Gonzalez

Staff Writer, BuddyTV