I can’t admit I’m pretty excited for this particular team on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race–but that’s because I haven’t seen the last season of Big Brother, and thus I haven’t seen Jeff and Jordan do their stuff. But I’ll still be watching out for them, because we’ve had this situation before: a couple who met from another realty show (Rob and Amber, yes) running the race.

The couple chatted with Entertainment Weekly–the full interview should be out in the magazine’s latest issue–and said that while they entered Big Brother without having seen it, and managed to breeze to victory, The Amazing Race is a “totally different game”.

“I don’t like to work out. Everybody knows that,” Jordan said. “If I work out one day, I want to see results, [so] I was worried. Though I was more so worried about having to eat a bug or something. I would rather Jeff eat a bug than me.”

It’s funny, because they haven’t really watched the Emmy-winning reality series, either, and they didn’t expect that it would be an absolutely strenuous deed–all the running, all the tension, all the bugs. But, like with most couples who join the race, it’s made them stronger as a couple. “To throw a couple into a stressful situation like this, you are going to see different sides to both people,” Jeff said. “We definitely didn’t stray from who we are. We got along, we got through it and we’re still together. It made us stronger, I think.”

The couple is currently living apart–Jeff’s back to his advertising gig in Chicago, while Jordan’s back to her hometown in North Carolina working as a salon receptionist–but while they’re far from each other, they think they’ll make it. “This is the longest we’ve gone without being together,” Jeff said. “One of us has to move … I’m not saying anyone’s getting engaged though, anything like that.”

Well, the race does these things to you. The new season of The Amazing Race kicks off on February 14, with these two (and the other teams) fighting the heat in Chile.

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Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV