One contestant stood out this week on The Bachelor but not for the reasons one would expect. Ashley Salter, the girl who rambled about an onion that turned out to be a pomegranate in the premiere of The Bachelor season 19, became a hot topic for her odd behavior in this week’s episode, which included her aggressive attempt to hunt down (fake) zombies and her competitors, her bizarre statements about losing the world, gaining the world and losing your soul, and crawling on the ground to talk to a cat. This should have been a huge red flag for Chris Soules but the farmer decided to keep her in the running, leaving many viewers scratching their heads. 

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Below Chris explains his reason for giving Ashley another chance while other personalities from Bachelor Nation reveal what they really think of Ashley.

Chris Soules: “Ashley S. is definitely different. She’s also beautiful. And sweet. And not that crazy. Did she say some things that were a little off-the-wall? Sure. She also said some things that made a lot of sense. It’s not easy dating the same guy as your housemates and then having a bunch of cameras televise it. The experience was hard for her, and she expressed that to me. I really respected that, and because of that I was all for giving her a few extra chances.”

Chris Harrison: “All I can say about Ashley is ‘bless her heart.’ Like the ladies, I have no idea what’s going on here. I will say this isn’t an act — unless she’s the greatest actress of all time. I will also agree with the ladies that there’s really no way she should be walking around with a weapon, even if it’s only a paintball gun.” 

Jillian Harris: “Ashley S. I told you I liked her the first day and now she has me wondering….Is she drunk…or is she just trying to entertain us?!?!? I’m a bit concerned about her at this point!!!!”

Catherine Lowe: “Is Ashley S. going off camera to take a bunch of pills and then down it with shots?” 

Sean Lowe: “This Ashley chick is on qualudes.”

Nikki Ferrell: “Ashley your crazy is showing. You might wanna tuck that back in girlfriend. #TheBachelor #crazypants”

What do you think of Ashley? Were you surprised Chris kept her? 

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Dean Bextor

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