Dance Moms had a quiet start during last week’s season 5 premiere with little drama from the moms. Why? Neither Christi nor Christy were there! Holly is upset, but Jill and Melissa are seeing stars. If “Abby Got Served” (as the title of this week’s episode says), I’m sure she will dish out her anger on the girls and their moms. Will there be fireworks? It’s time to find out.

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Pyramid Time

Back in Pittsburgh this week, Dance Moms starts off with a court officer showing up with papers to serve on Abby. It seems Paige is suing Abby now, and she is shocked. She tells us she only means to help the girls she teaches, but the moms only contradict her. Abby is shocked and upset, but why? She knew it was coming.

As Abby walks out, Jill, Holly and Melissa arrive for lessons. Melissa feels that Kelly is getting back at Abby and hurting the team. Holly tries to encourage Abby and tells her the students are there. Jill knows that the lawsuit is coming from Christi and Kelly, but it is hurting the fractured team. In the dressing room, Jill offers support and comfort to the girls. I wish she’d take some of that red lipstick off Kendall.

It’s pyramid time and Kalani is late. When Holly asks about them missing pyramid, Abby gets sarcastic. When they finally show up, MacKenzie and Maddie are on the bottom. What, the favorites are last? Nia and Kendall are in the middle with Kalani on top. Why? Dance Moms doesn’t usually play this much favoritism to a girl who didn’t finish first.

This week, the Dance Moms team travels to Energy Dance Competition in Detroit. Wait, that’s Ava and Jeanette’s home! Maddie and Kalani will have solos. Melissa is worried, but Kira is happy. Holly sees the old ghost of favoritism showing. The group routine is “Stomp the Yard” inspired by television’s Orange is the New Black. Wait! This seems too coincidental to me. Headshots will be done the following day for LA.


As rehearsals start, Abby tells the girls to make the group dance fierce. Jill realizes the irony of the routine to the court paper. Was this dance planned? Leave comments if you think it was. Holly calls Kira on being late and tells her that she gets preferential treatment. Holly is missing Christi’s honesty.

The next day, the headshots are being made for use with agents in LA. Abby wants the best photos possible of all the Dance Moms girls. Of course, MacKenzie, Maddie and Kalani get the first (and best) shoots. The truth comes out, though, when Jill hears Abby tell the photographer that those are the three who will book jobs in LA. Poor Nia gets no attention from Abby as she is called away from the photo shoot when Nia’s her turn.

As Kalani and Maddie work on their solos, Jill lets the moms know what she overheard during the headshots. While Melissa worries about the pressure on Maddie, Kira is seeing the opportunity for Kalani to become the new star. In the observation room, Melissa tells everyone that Elle has called about Maddie. With Abby making or breaking the girls, things don’t look good for Kendall or Nia.

During the last rehearsals, tension is high. What’s this? Holly gets a call from Jeanette, and Kira cuts the conversation off. Downstairs, Kalani gets warned that she has to beat Ava.

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The Competition

At the competition, Jeanette is waiting for Abby outside. Jeanette didn’t expect the silence as Abby’s team walks by. In Jeanette’s dressing room, she decides to go talk to Abby. Abby isn’t having that and yells for Jeanette to leave. Way to go, Abby! This isn’t what our Dance Moms girls need before the competition.

Now controversy is brewing at the competition. Ava’s up first and looks more mature and thin than last year. If she was striving to go up on her toes, she missed. The dance is good, but I’m not sure if it can beat Abby’s girls.

Next up is Kalani in a silver costume. She’s doing “Dancing in the Shadow” and it’s good. If I have one complaint about this number, I would have had a front light so shadows would have been thrown behind her. Abby is pleased with the routine.

The last dancer is Maddie. In typical Dance Moms style, Melissa worries as Maddie begins. She’s doing “The Judgment.” Is this legal theme night? The routine is okay but may not be on the same technical level as Ava’s. Abby sees Maddie as taking control of the stage.

Jeanette and Abby have a fight in the hall after the solos. Jeanette is unhappy that Abby went backstage. She takes it up with the competition director, who sides with Jeanette. She goes into the dressing room and reprimands Abby, who doesn’t like it. Jill sees the confrontation as hurting the team. I think Jill better get used to it or it will be a long season.

The group routine, “Stomp the Yard,” is up. Abby’s girls are dressed in orange costumes and the routine has a jazz feel. It’s good, with Maddie starring, but Nia is coming across more intense than any member of the team.

Awards and Aftermath

Abby’s group wins first place in the group number. In the overall solos, Kalani gets fourth place, Ava gets third and Maddie comes in second. Then why does she have a crown?

In the dressing room, Abby claims the competition was rigged. Holly tries to calm Abby down but blows that by calling her on the statement from the photo shoot. Of course, Abby denies. She goes for the jugular and complains about Nia’s pathetic feet. Kendall is the next target as Abby complains about how she would enter a room for a meeting with an agent. As Holly and Abby have words, Abby tells her to get a lawyer. Holly tells us that Abby has lost her mind. Are you just saying that, Holly?

Next week on Dance Moms, Abby doesn’t want to talk to Holly. Maddie goes to LA. And Nia is given a “feature performer” role.

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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