On last week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, things took a turn for the bizarre when Brandi threw wine in Eileen’s face. But in this week’s episode, “Live and Learn,” we slow things down to take a more personal look at the ladies’ family lives.

Kids Today

Lisa talks to her son Max. She’s worried about him because he’s quit college, and although he’s working full time at SUR, he doesn’t have any ambition for his future. She’s tried to instill work ethic in both of her kids, but the problem is Max just isn’t motivated.

Later, Max comes over to visit Ken and Lisa on their anniversary. Lisa encourages him to try and take more interest in the restaurant business as a whole, but it has to be something he wants to do for himself.

Kyle and her family take Alexia to the University of Arizona where she’s starting school. Although it feels unnatural for Kyle to let her baby go, she still regrets not going to college and she wants that experience for Alexia.

Alexia’s rushing a sorority, so Kyle and the rest of the fam meet her oldest daughter Farrah back at the hotel. Kyle is still struggling with letting go. She wants Alexia to do well at U of A, but she wouldn’t be sad if she transferred back to a school closer to home. Mauricio, on the other hand, isn’t worried about Alexia at all. He knows she’ll not only survive, but she’ll thrive.

When it’s time for them to say goodbye, Kyle is a hot mess. She’ll miss Alexia and she doesn’t like how the whole dynamic of her family is changing. Mauricio gives Alexia a tearful goodbye, but it’s sweet since all the tears are coming from a place of love.

Meanwhile, Yolanda is moving Bella into her apartment in New York. Bella’s DUI has made Yolanda insecure about letting her go. She says Bella’s mistake was a nightmare as a mom. It made her feel as if there was something she did, or didn’t do, that contributed to her poor decision.

Yolanda is not only paying for Bella’s living expenses in her off-campus apartment, but she’s hired movers and decorators to furnish it as well. She hopes that by taking care of Bella’s finances, she’ll be able to focus on school. God forbid Bella lives with her sister, who is living in the same city going to the same school. Bella seems appreciative, though. She gives her mom a nice card apologizing for what she’s put her through and promising to try and do better.

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Blended Families

Back in Beverly Hills, Brandi meets with her lawyer, Ron, for coffee. Eddie is suing her for child and spousal support that he believes he overpaid her for, an amount that totals to $114,000. Brandi thinks it’s ridiculous and she wants to take him to court, but her lawyer assures her that he can wrap it up for her before it comes to that.

Later, she invites Kim and some friends over to watch Eddie and LeAnn’s new reality show. She hopes the show does well so he can pay her more in child support, but Kim understands how it must be hard for Brandi to watch her ex-husband and his new wife playing house.

Eileen cooks dinner for her husband and step-sons, Duke and Vinny. She likes being a step-mom, but it hasn’t always been easy. Unlike a birth parent, she’s had to earn respect and love with her step-sons; it wasn’t always inherently there. She gets emotional to see Duke going off for his final year in college. She went through a lot of the things that blended families go through with her husband’s oldest son, but in the end she’s excited and proud for being a part of raising him.

Lisa Rinna is getting ready for a gig in which she’s playing herself, opposite her husband. She loves acting — it’s what she gets the most excited about — but she says it can be awkward acting alongside her husband.

Later, at her home, Lisa has a friend, Ali, over to help her plan for a charity function she’s hosting to raise money for breast cancer research. Since both her mother and her sister suffered from breast cancer, it’s a cause close to her heart. Although she’s worried that some of the ladies won’t like the jewelry, since all of them are used to expensive diamonds.

Well, that episode was a bit of a bore. But next week, we get to see Kim freak out at Lisa Rinna and Brandi physically assaults Kyle. So back to the RHOBH we know and love.


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