The name Ashley became a trending topic this week on social media all because of The Bachelor. Season 19 contestants Ashely I. (the virgin) and Ashley S. (the crazy onion lover) both stole the spotlight in episode 4 as they took crazy to a whole new level on the ABC reality dating series.  After flying under the radar last week, Ashley S. resurfaced in full force. She talked about the moon, among other things, and even told Chris Soules that she loves him. On the other hand,  Ashley I. got obsessed about her virginity in a way that made Ashley S. appear saner than Ashley I. So who’s crazier? Bachelor Nation weighs in:

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The Bachelor season 19 star Chris Soules: “Speaking of a little crazy, let’s talk about Ashley S… Whether it was the full moon or the camping vibe, something brought out Ashley S.’s, uh, ‘eccentric’ side. When we did sit down to talk, she tried to have a deep conversation with me. The only problem was that I had absolutely no idea what she was saying. And then she told me she loved me… I wasn’t really flattered because I knew what she was saying wasn’t true…That conversation was definitely the last straw in my relationship with Ashley S… I did not get what Ashley I. was trying to tell me… If she had just come right out and told me, she would have avoided a lot of the anxiety she felt the rest of the week.”

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison: “The two Ashleys were really the story on the camping date. Ashley S. was there — well, at least her body was. She finally had one too many bizarre confrontations with Chris and he just had to send her home… But for my money, it was really Ashley I. that made the bigger mess of things this week. Ashley I. is really consumed with the fact that she’s a virgin — and she assumes everybody else is as well. She made a bizarre attempt to talk to Chris about her ‘innocence’ but it was in such a strange way. There is not a man, woman, child or alien around who would have understood what she was getting at…. After she clearly told him this time she was a virgin, the first thing she followed it up with was, ‘Don’t be freaked out about it — it’s not anything I’m super serious about.’ Sorry, WHAT??? She’s so into being a virgin that’s all she can talk to the girls and Chris about, but it’s not something she’s serious about? Chris didn’t see what happened after their talk — but we did. Ashley was all but breaking down because after she broke the news to him, Chris didn’t try to jump her bones. (Again, WHAT???) This is all a huge red flag for Chris as it shows she’s just a young girl still trying to figure things out in her life… But man, is she amazingly fun to watch.” 

The Bachelorette season 10 runner-up Nick Viall: “God Ashely S….I am going to miss your crazy ass, The wrong Ashley got a rose..#TheBachelor” 

The Bachelorette season 9 contestant Michael Garofola: “Going to Chris’ tent in the middle of the night screams virgin as much as showing him pics of your 7 kids and your sex tape. #TheBachelor” 

The Bachelor season 18 contestant Sharleen Joynt: “Ashley I.’s constant agonizing made me feel like this is something that has sadly become a part of her identity. Also, her insinuation that other girls who haven’t abstained are therefore promiscuous reeked of judgment and bitterness. The whole thing made me feel a bit sad for her rather than make me respect her more, the latter of which I think was her intention. Ashley I. singlehandedly made ‘virgin’ the drinking game word of Episode 4.” 

The Bachelorette season 5 star Jillian Harris: “It takes a REALLY strong individual to stay sane and on point … so having said that, I feel for both Ashleys…  Ashely S. I want to meet you!!”

What’s your take on the two Ashleys? Who do you think is crazier? Will you miss Ashley S? Share your thoughts below!

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Dean Bextor

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