Brandi Glanville throws some serious shade at fellow housewives Kyle Richards and Kenya Moore during her most recent podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, according to Reality Tea.

Brandi has plenty to say about Kyle Richards’ appearance on the January, 20 episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, even though she claims to have not tuned in.

“I have something to say about Kyle Richards. She’s a bitch. On Watch What Happens Live, which I did not watch on purpose because I knew I would tweet something and regret it, she said I have nothing to do with her family, the Hiltons. That’s funny because I was at Kathy Hilton’s holiday party with Kim (Richards), and you weren’t there, bitch! I don’t even know if you got the invite. So, having said that, yeah. She can suck it.”

Brandi and Kyle’s relationship has been on a steady decline this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The two hit an all-time low when, in a recent episode, Kyle grabbed Brandi’s hand and the Amazonian blonde forcibly pushed Kyle in response. Given Brandi’s pissy attitude, it doesn’t appear the ladies have kissed and made up.

Kyle isn’t the only one to suffer Brandi’s wrath. The volatile RHOBH housewife has been very publicly feuding with Real Housewives of Atlanta and Celebrity Apprentice co-star, Kenya Moore, both onscreen and off. So when RHOA star, Porsha Williams, called in to chat, the two did some serious hating on “Miss Gone with the Wind Fabulous.” 

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Porsha, who physically attacked Moore during The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 reunion, says, “Some part of me wants to believe that it (Kenya’s personality) is just for the show, but we’re going on three years of someone behaving the exact same way in their nature and just being evil and just negative.”

No offense sweetie, but if that is Kenya’s persona, why would she change it regardless of how many seasons have passed?

Brandi is Team Porsha all the way and tells her that if Kenya had been provoking her in the same fashion, she would have gone into attack mode just like Porsha.

Not content to bash just Richards and Moore, Brandi also goes after Claudia Jordan. “Did I see Claudia taking a selfie with Kordell? What the F?,” Brandi asks Porsha. 

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We all know Brandi has no tolerance for philanderers, but Porsha and Kordell are legally divorced, and Claudia and Porsha aren’t exactly chummy. Brandi better watch out because we all know that Claudia has no trouble sticking up for herself.

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