We last saw our housewives in the midst of a collapse of yet another game night. It looks like Kim Richards is off the wagon. And Brandi (almost too drunk to stand herself) has Kim’s back, which really just means pushing Kyle around when she acts concerned for her sister. Basically, everything’s a big old mess on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and they’re just getting started.

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Continued Chaos

In this episode, “It’s Just a Scratch,” Kyle is in a state of shock after being manhandled by Brandi. But she is not going to let her get in the way of her talking to her sister. She tearfully pulls Kim aside and tells Brandi to butt out because she’s not family.

Brandi says she’s worried about Kim because she’s been getting closer to her over the last few months. She says Kim is dealing with a lot of things with her ex-husband living at home and helping him with his cancer treatments, but Kyle hasn’t been there for her. Brandi claims she’s the one who has been there for Kim, and Kyle’s jealous of their relationship. She keeps trying to talk to Kim while Kyle tells her to get away from them, but Brandi isn’t a normally functioning adult and she doesn’t take any of the hints that she should just let these two handle their issues on their own.

At this point, the three of them are fighting outside on the driveway. Poor Kim, although she’s completely messed-up, she didn’t want things to end up with her sister fighting her friend. At this point, I think both Kim and Kyle have legit reasons to be mad. Kim doesn’t want Kyle judging her and micromanaging her life. And Kyle is worried about Kim’s well-being. All Brandi is doing is escalating the situation by trying to insert herself into the situation and cause even more drama.

Kim then turns on Lisa Rinna for telling other people at the party what happened in the car ride on the way over. Lisa wants to stay out of everything, but she says she just told everyone Kim wasn’t feeling well.

Kyle realizes that Brandi thrives on hurting people, and she’s letting her do that to her right now. She disengages and heads to her limo, where Lisa Rinna offers to ride with her. They’re both still in shock over what happened. Lisa says that she’s dealt with addiction in her family before and she knows Kim has her own struggles, but she also thinks Brandi’s a drunk who needs rehab.

Brandi stands with Kim outside Eileen’s, claiming that Kyle physically marked her by scratching her arm. Eileen tells her to use some Neosporin and get over it.

Eileen debriefs with her husband, Vince, after everyone leaves. She says she doesn’t know what to make of these women. She understands that siblings fight, having had a few fights of her own with her sisters, but she doesn’t know why Brandi felt the need to get in the middle of it. She thinks Brandi is toxic, and maybe her relationship with Kim isn’t healthy. She thinks Brandi needs someone to constantly be on her team. Truer words, Eileen.

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The Morning After

Yolanda is back at home trying to Skype with Bella. She still worries about her, but she’s trying to let go. Her son, Anwar, comes down to have breakfast. It’s like every time one of her kids leave, we find out that she has another one. Anyway, she says it’s been hard on him not having his sisters around. Poor kid. His only company at home now is probably the hired help.

Lisa Vanderpump enjoyed having some time with her family away from the drama, but she missed her puppies while she was away! Her cute golden retriever, Rumpy, is back from obedience school and he’s fallen in love with Avery, another golden with a thyroid condition. Lisa agrees to adopt her as well, bringing the canine count up to six in the Vanderpump-Todd household.

Lisa Rinna calls Kyle the day after the party to check up on her. She tells her that she wants her there, but it’s for charity and she doesn’t want any negative energy. Kyle says that she’ll be there to support her and leave her issues at the door. She thinks Brandi owes her an apology, but until that happens she just plans on avoiding her. Kyle probably shouldn’t hold her breath.

Brandi regales the story of poker night to her friend Jennifer the next day, who has been upfront on the show in the past about her own struggle with addiction and sobriety. She tells Brandi that she probably owes both Kim and Kyle an apology. Brandi refuses to listen to anything her smarter friend has to say and insists that she cares about Kim more than Kyle does.

Later that evening, Kyle tells Mauricio that she’s leaving to see Kim in the hospital. She hasn’t talked to her one-on-one yet, but she says Kim is in a lot of pain and the doctors think it could be an ulcer. Kyle is obviously concerned for her sister, but she doesn’t seem quite ready to see her again after the emotional confrontation they just had.

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Trying to Move On

Before Lisa Rinna’s jewelry party, Eileen meets Lisa Vanderpump at her home. She catches her up on the current drama and she also says she didn’t appreciate Brandi saying rude things about her home. Lisa isn’t surprised that Brandi couldn’t act like an adult. Eileen thinks she’ll say something to Brandi at the party because right now she feels very uncomfortable around her.

Yolanda visits Kyle before the party, where they have a similar conversation. Yolanda is embarrassed that her friend Brandi has misbehaved yet again and she tries to blame it on alcohol. Kyle points out that not everyone acts like an angry imp after a few drinks like Brandi does.

Yolanda tells Brandi that she disapproves of her behavior when she sees her at the party. Yet again, she treats Brandi like a child by calling her a “bad girl” and telling her she’s not allowed to “get drunk.” This is the opposite of what Brandi wants to hear. She claims she’s an adult and she can do whatever she wants, but Yolanda says that if she doesn’t want a lecture, maybe she should start behaving like the adult she claims to be.

Eileen pulls Brandi aside to talk to her about what’s been bothering her. She says she felt like her erratic behavior and insulting remarks were disrespectful. Brandi offers a half-hearted apology but she’s none-too-thrilled to be getting another lecture. Eileen senses her insincerity. She says Brandi is addicted to chaos and her negative energy creates bad feelings.

Kyle has drinks with Lisa Vanderpump after the party. Kyle tells Lisa that she doesn’t trust Brandi anymore and she no longer wants to put herself in the position to be hurt by Brandi anymore. She says the dynamic between them has changed and she no longer wants to make an effort to be friendly with her. Lisa says that Brandi has a need to be the center of attention and she’s not happy unless she’s provoking someone. She’s happy that Kyle has come to her senses about Brandi, but she does worry that Kim is in too fragile of a position to do the same.

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