Dance Moms has been rumored to be moving to Los Angeles and it looks like it’s true. In “Bye Bye Pittsburgh,” Abby has one more competition on the East Coast before moving out to Hollywood. With the big reveal that Abby thinks only MacKenzie, Maddie and Kalia will find work, what will Holly and Jill do? I’m sure they’re not going into Abby’s dream of Southern California without a plan.

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The Last Pyramid in Pittsburgh?

As the leaves flow on Dance Moms, Holly and Nia arrive at the studio. Nia tells Abby that she doesn’t know how long she can be in LA. Her grandfather isn’t doing well. Nia wants to be with him, but Abby assures her that he would want her in LA (really, Abby?). Abby can sympathize, but it doesn’t last long because she quickly loses interest.

Oh, great, JoJo is back because she is fabulous. Abby is demanding redemption from the team this week before leaving for LA. It must be first place. Holly is worried about Abby’s training, but Abby assures them she can do everything.

Pyramid time features Nia (not a good leader), Kendall (feet) and Kalani (not rising to the top) on the bottom. Maddie (not present last week) and JoJo makes up the second tier. MacKenzie is on the top. After Maddie shares what she has done with Sia the past week, everyone applauds and Abby admits she plans to do this for everyone. Maddie seems to be the star of the moment and JoJo is jealous.

This week, the team will travel to Woodbridge for World Class Talent. For Solos, Kendall will be doing “Clueless” and Maddie will do “She’s History.” JoJo gets the last solo (why?) called “Fashion Victim.” The group routine is “Frozen Together.”

Rehearsal and Viewing Room

It’s another Frozen number as the group routine is a takeoff on the movie. As Holly and the others watch, Holly worries about the move to LA. Most seem a little happy when JoJo gets yelled at by Abby, but Jessalynn isn’t distracted. She attacks Kira for not supporting her. Holly sees Jessalynn as being demanding. And Abby thought Christi was bad! Back in the hotel room, JoJo and Jessalynn plot to get a permanent place on the team.

During rehearsals, Abby calls Nia over to find out about her grandfather. Nia tells her that he may come home soon. Finally, Abby actually shows concern for Nia. Maybe she does have a heart. Nia later tells us that she wants to be with her grandfather. She wants to stay with him, but she knows he wants her to be great. She does visit her grandfather with her father to tell him her plans.

Abby has an epiphany because JoJo can’t dance with the group. JoJo is so bad, Abby sends her upstairs to explain it to her mother. Oh, JoJo is crying. JoJo, there is a rule: save your tears for your pillow. Abby reblocks the number without JoJo, while the mothers worry about the breaks that everyone will have. Only Maddie and MacKenzie have received any so far. Abby has already warned them that it’s her way or the highway.

The Competition

In the dressing room, Nia receives an encouraging call from her grandfather and Abby looks so happy for her. Shortly after that, Abby gets a call and becomes mad. JoJo says something while Abby and Gia are talking and gets called down. While Kira smiles, she realizes that Abby shouldn’t have done it.

Abby explains the age breakdown to the moms and she’s worried about Maddie and Kendall. They are now in the teen division at this competition. The group is a teen routine as well and this worries Abby. Jill is upset, but what can they do?

Maddie takes the stage and it’s a beautiful routine, but does she perform as a teen? Kendall’s routine is a good Broadway number but may have been staged too young. JoJo is last and comes out sassy. It’s okay, but she almost misses the final pose.

In the dressing room, the girls rehearse. Jill explains that it has to be amazing and Jessalynn announces that JoJo can replace an older dance so the routine will be in the junior category. Abby asks if she should take Nia out and JoJo agrees with Jessalynn’s support. Jessalynn sees the routine as a win if JoJo dances and doesn’t care about Nia’s feelings. JoJo asks and Abby refuses because she doesn’t blend with the others. Finally, I agree with Abby.

The group takes to the floor and the dance is more ballet than what they usually do. Each girl gets a solo, but again, the dance may be too young for teens.

Awards and Aftermath

In the junior category, Abby expects JoJo to win first, but she finishes third. In the teen division, Kendall places third and Maddie places first. In the teen category, the team gets a second place finish.

The moms are nervous as they wait for Abby, who enters upset. She wants to discuss LA. Maddie has a television show. Abby explains she’s for the team, but the moms see her as being for Maddie. Abby says they called and wanted Maddie. Jill points out that Abby has built up Maddie for years. Now Abby says that Melissa will be for Maddie. Holly tells Abby she’s going to go for it and Abby says that Holly must bring all opportunities to Abby’s attention as she has plans for Nia. Abby tells the girls there are no second places in auditions. JoJo will not go to LA as a part of the team, but Abby will represent her.

At the end of the episode, we find out that Nia’s grandfather has died. Our sympathy goes out to the Frazier family.

Next time on Dance Moms, the team’s in LA, but where is Abby? The girls compete and JoJo shows up.

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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