After dubbing Tierra a “tierra-ist” on last night’s Bachelor, the girls share a few more funny observations in these deleted scenes. AshLee and Daniella gossip, while Lesley gets in another zinger about the cast’s number one villain.  

Girl Talk

The camera pans over beautiful Lake Louise and then zooms in on the resort, where Daniella and AshLee are holding a gossip summit of the highest order. The girls aren’t just irritated by Tierra anymore. They’re capital-c Concerned that Sean is going to pick the bad girl and end up manipulated, used and heartbroken by the spotlight-seeker. They might genuinely be worried, but let’s be honest: they’re mostly just annoyed that their enemy is beating them in this reality TV dating competition. (At this point, we know things don’t end well for Daniella.) 

The Bachelor isn’t really about protecting hearts. If it was, then poor Sarah was severely wronged last night. (I’m still sad for my namesake! Poor, sweet Sarah.) But I’m getting off track. Bottom line: Daniella and AshLee express distaste for Tierra through girl talk and bitchface. AshLee says she’ll be “nice” to Tierra even though she’s essentially done respecting her as a human. Ah, how nice.   

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Leaving the Drama Behind?

In the next scene, Tierra wears her purest white dress to mingle with Sean, subliminally sending messages about angels, wedding dresses and family values. Sean’s proud of Tierra for narrowly surviving the Polar Bear Plunge that everyone else bounced back from in two seconds. He was worried about his damsel in distress! Tierra bats her eyelashes appreciatively and asks Sean how he’s feeling. Oh, you know, Sean’s just glad that the drama from Montana is behind them now. Oh, Sean. You are so, so wrong. Tierra dismisses the drama, concluding that girls will be girls, but she’s not interested in gossip because she’s only interested in Sean. “I’m trying to find my husband, for heaven’s sake,” she tells him. For heaven’s sake! Let’s leave heaven out of this, shall we?   

The other women stand in the shadows and glare like wicked stepsisters, and at this point, I’m not sure I like any of these bachelorettes. Actually, scratch that. Lesley’s redeemed because if nothing else, the girl’s funny. “There are three roses up for grabs, and there are about 52 personalities in Tierra.” AshLee vows to talk with Sean if Tierra sticks around for another week, so we have that to look forward to! The ladies toast to their shared hatred of Tierra’s 52 flavors of evil. Cheers! 

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