This week begins with a twist. Well, all weeks begin with a twist, don’t they?! The contestants walk into the gym and see their pictures from week one plastered on rotating die. At the end of the week, the die will be rolled and only one person’s weight from each team will count on the scale. Danni is the only remaining member of the white team, so her position remains the same. It’s up to everyone else to work as if their name will be called and carry their team to victory. 

Facing Fears

Gina immediately declares that she hopes it isn’t up to her to carry the blue team. Bob rolls his eyes. Alison points out the eye roll, and Gina bursts into tears. This starting to become their routine. Gina starts yelling at Bob for being too hard on her. Bob bites back and tells her that she needs to be able to handle pressure. Once Bob talks to her alone outside, we learn that Gina’s weight issues stem from fear. Fear of letting people down, fear of showing her true self, etc. Fear is what’s holding her back, and has been her entire life. Bob lets her know that she needs to face her fears, or she will be consumed by them. Cue inspirational background music, and Gina is starting to get it.

Kick Ass Kids

Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay are in charge of organizing activities in their comminuty to reach out to others and make fitness fun. Sunny will be leading a circuit, Biingo will be adding more people to his after-school sports club and Lindsay will be giving a speech to her school about bullying. Keep inspiring us, kiddos! We need it!

The Challenge

The dice come to the challenge. The face that comes up on each team’s die will be the only one participating in the challenge. Playing tonight will be Jackson, Gina and (obviously) Danni. Each person needs to walk a balance beam with swinging obstacles trying to knock them over. They’re trying to cross in order to reach plates with different calorie amounts on each one. They need to bring the plates over to large pictures of different foods and assign them correctly. 

Lots of embarrassing falls and hits from the pendulums before the first person can successfully cross and grab a plate. Danni gets two before anyone else can get their first. Danni gets her five plates assigned to five foods first, but all are wrong. She needs to keep going until all five are right. She has to switch them out a few times before getting them all correct, but she wins the challenge, way ahead of the other teams. The prize: letters from home. Awwww.

Jeff makes a completely nonsensical remark like “enjoy those letters, Danni. But I’m still focused on the weigh in.” I’m pretty sure she is too, Jeff. And she just got in a decent workout in that challenge, while you just sat there. So um, #epicfail.

Super Sunny

Sunny leads a circuit workout in her gym class, and you would think she’s a professional trainer! She does so well, it’s wonderful to watch. She keeps up with everyone else and they all seem to have fun. GO SUNNY!

Baller Biingo

Biingo gets some of his buddies to help him with recruiting. Bob sent him on a mission to get more people added to his sports club, and he is determined to do so.

Lovable Lindsay

Lindsay organizes a pep rally at her school to talk to the other kids about bullying. She shares her experience and is very emotional during her speech. Kids that bullied her were even in the audience. Yeah, Lindsay! You tell ’em! Then pop star, Cody Simpson (so glad I’m too old to know who he is), shares his experience with being bullied at school. Lindsay and all of her friends are like little Beatles fans during his performance. 

Last Chance Workout

Dolvett’s team gets to train with Laila Ali. Not too shabby, eh? Danni heads to Subway with Jillian, then gets to train at a Parkour studio. How cool is that? And the blue team is forced to keep pushing until Bob sees Alex sweating. Blue pulled the short straw on that one. And why isn’t Alex sweating? They stop when everyone is completely spent and drenched. 

Speaking of not sweating, can we talk about how flawless Laila Ali looks while running this workout? She takes them through multiple boxing drills and all three of them are blown away by how intense it is. That’s what makes boxing workouts the best. 

The Weigh In

The trainers roll their die to determine whose weight will be the only one to count on the scale. Dolvett rolls Joe. Bob rolls Jeff. Danni will represent white. Red team is up first and Jackson starts them off. Jackson loses 1 lb. Francelina loses 7 lbs. Joe loses 8 lbs. 

Danni needs to lose 6 lbs to be safe. She loses 6 lbs, on the nose. Phew! One more week for white.

Blue team is up last. Gina loses 4 lbs. Alex loses 3 lbs. Michael loses 8 lbs. David loses 3 lbs. Jeff is up last and needs to lose 9 lbs to avoid elimination. He loses 6 lbs. For the first time, blue team loses the weigh in. Michael has immunity, for having the highest percentage of weight loss on the team. They head into the voting booth and cast their votes. David gets three votes and gets sent home. 

The Check In

David is back home and lost a total of 87 lbs! He looks like a different person. He’s back in his police uniform and wearing it proudly. Go DAVID!!

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