Big Brother 9 has certainly opened a lot of doors for James Zinkand, who earned $25,000 as “America’s Favorite Juror.”  Previously, he has hinted that there’s a possibility that he would be co-hosting House Calls for the much awaited Big Brother 10, which is set to premiere on July 13.  Now, it seems that the live internet talk show isn’t the only project in the cards for this 21-year-old high school graduate.

Besides his pink hair and crazy antics (hence the name Crazy James), this reality TV contestant is known for his incessant quest to bike around the world with just $100.  Since Big Brother is already over, James is determined to continue his journey.  This time, however, he’s going to be followed by the cameras.

“A reality show that is about me biking on $100 dollars,” James told  “[It’s about] showing people that there is alternative ways of traveling… think survivor man in the city… all over the world.  I just want people to have fun.”

Although nothing is official yet, James has recently given more hints on his MySpace blog about his new reality TV project.

“I have still not left Los Angeles to return for my bicycle trip, yet I have been offered to create my bicycle trip into an adventure for all to see.  I love all the people that support me for me. It’s hard to encompass how much passion people still have for the right to live.  So many people are telling me that they have sold their belongings and are now traveling.  It feels so damn good to know people are exploring this world.  It’s massive and its lands and people are something everybody needs to see,” James wrote on his blog.

While he remains optimistic about his bicycle trip, there is one thing that is keeping him down nowadays: missing Chelsia.

“I miss her.  I miss laying next to her.  I miss seeing her everyday.  Life is so ***** different after the show and I have been bouncing around like a madman.  She is supposed to be moving to Los Angeles which is awesome but at the same time sucks because I am living on couches and in a bar,” he added.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source:, James’ official MySpace blog
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Kris De Leon

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