It’s time for the highly anticipated hometown dates on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, and this time there’s another unexpected twist coming Jake’s way. But before Jake crosses the country to meet Gia, Tenley, Vienna and Ali’s family to learn more about the women his falling in love with, check out what went down in last week’s episode through our recap: I Left My Heart (and Brain, and Dignity) in San Francisco…

First, Jake heads to New York to visit Gia and her family. As he gets grilled by Gia’s protective family at a Manhattan restaurant, he also learns why Gia is afraid of falling in love.

Williamstown, Massachusetts is Jake’s next stop tonight. He meets Ali’s family and gets a dose of her mother’s strong opinions about their relationship. Considering Ali’s mom has been able to tell which of Ali’s boyfriends were right for her by seeing how they act together in the past, will she like what she sees in Jake?

Tenley’s family, on the other hand, is understandably very protective of Tenley, having been burned by her ex-husband in the past. So when Jake meets them in Newberg, Oregon, he is forced to answer some very tough questions. But while Tenley’s family is concerned about Jake’s commitment to Tenley, Jake is also concerned if Tenley is really over her divorce.

Last but not the least, Jake heads to Geneva, Florida to visit Vienna for an unusual boat trip where Vienna’s father immediately puts Jake on the hot seat. Will Jake be good enough for daddy’s princess?

Get a glimpse of Jake meeting the girls’ families here.

We find out about tonight’s twist as Jake returns to Los Angeles for the rose ceremony. Though he knows which girl to eliminate, it looks like he won’t have to. Because after one bachelorette makes a shocking revelation, the remaining girls learn that there won’t be a rose ceremony tonight.

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