This week LOST touched down with universal praise, the obvious question now is:  how will they follow up?  LOST producers assure us it only gets better from here, and from what we’ve been able to dig up, that seems like an understatement for LOST fans.  Beware,  reading any further will result in major spoiling of next weeks all new episode of LOST! The February 14th Episode of LOST is titled ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’ and is a big ‘ol Valentine card for Desmond fans as it is entirely, 100% Desmond centric.  The plot goes something like this:

After Desmond breaks from Hurley, Sayid, and Locke, and runs over a mile to the beach to save Claire from drowning, some serious questions are raised about his apparent ability to see into the future.  Convinced that the former hatch hermit has developed super powers post-swan-implosion,  Hurley teams with Charlie to get to the bottom of it. Desmond, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with it.

The insanely cool aspect of this LOST episode is the way it handles its flashback.  For some time, the mechanism of flashback in LOST has been a little mysterious in one regard:  are the flashbacks arbitrarily inserted clips, or are they memories that that characters are having at that particular moment.

Word from sources who shall remain nameless say to look for a very different flashback in ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes’.  A surreal, non-linear one where the events of what would be the flashbacks future impact the present of the flashbacks.   According to a trusted source, we will be left wondering if Desmond is truly having flashbacks, or if we are experiencing fractured memories from a mind broken by the hatch explosion experiment, by the end of the episode this should be clear, though.

Clearing it up may be an appearance by Penny Widmore.  Her presence in the episode was referenced by Carlton Cuse in a recent EW article as bringing a bit of closure to whether Desmond is seeing into the future or not.

On the theory side of things,  quick thinking LOST fans have begun to form the theory following ‘Not In Portland’s’ numerous time and black hole references that the island may be operating on a time-loop,  and that Desmond’s experience in the hatch may have thrown him outside of that loop long enough for him to see a complete revolution of that cycle ‘flash before his eyes’.

Be sure to stay tuned for more clues and spoilers as the week goes by!


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