On The Amazing Race, for the first time ever, four teams will head into the final leg. The scientists, Maya and Amy, were the final team to reach the mat, and were floored when Phil told them that they were still in the competition.

That wasn’t Phil’s only surprise. The teams were still racing! They received their next clue, which was their final destination (Los Angeles) and a mystery envelope that they are not allowed to open until instructed to do so. So who will win the one million dollar cash prize and The Amazing Race: married dentists Misti and Jim, dating wrestlers Brooke and Robbie, scientists Amy and Maya or newlywed surfers Bethany and Adam? Let’s find out!

Goodbye, Manila

In this episode, “All or Nothing,” Brooke and Robbie won the last leg, so they have a head start on the other teams as they head out from Manila. Teams will fly to Los Angeles and then select a Ford Explorer Sport and use Ford Sync technology to obtain the next clue. At the airport, Maya and Amy are met with hostility from some of the other racers because they weren’t eliminated. Brooke is particularly vocal about her anger. Color me shocked! Jim and Misti try to point out that the scientists are the most likely team to be eliminated going forward, but that doesn’t stop Jim from joking about giving Amy “a little kick in the shin.” Again, I am shocked by one of Jim’s comments, and I am sure that his ego will inflate to fill the airport at any moment.

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Permission to Film

The car tells them to bring their manila envelope containing their film permit to the film clerk at downtown City Hall to get the next clue. Jim boasts that they know where they are going, but it sounds like they are lost. While the wrestlers attempt to follow Adam and Bethany, they miss an exit. They stop and get directions. They keep on driving, for quite a distance before realizing they are headed the wrong way. They bicker about whose idea it was to get the directions, and why the man gave them the wrong directions.

Maya and Amy arrive first and get their permit approved, just ahead of Bethany and Adam. Teams must now find Southwest Marine Warehouse, and hand in their permit to receive the next clue. Maya and Amy stop a pedestrian to borrow their phone to get directions, while Jim and Misti get the application approved and quickly drive away.

Become a Stunt Man, or Just Look Like One

Maya and Amy reach the set first, and the next clue is a Roadblock. One team member will learn a stunt from a professional stunt man and then perform it. The stunt is to grab a satchel and jump through a plate glass window three stories above the ground. Yawn. I just did that last weekend. I think this looks insanely terrifying, and who thinks of these challenges?

Maya and Adam take on the task. Adam rehearses without a problem, but Maya hesitates every time she is supposed to jump off the platform. When it is time for the real deal, she does the stunt perfectly, and she is jazzed. Amy and Maya also tell us that the glass is basically a thin layer of candy. Okay, now I am a little less terrified.

Next the duos must run to the U.S Coast Guard Base at the end of Terminal Island and select one of the marked boats to get the next clue. The scientists are headed to the next location when they finish reading the clue and discover that the person who performed the Roadblock has to change out of the stunt gear before leaving that location. As they run back to the set, Bethany and Adam pass them.

Open Water Rescue

The next activity is to board a Coast Guard RBS (Response Boat Small) and perform a training exercise in the open ocean. Maya and Amy and Misti and Jim board boats after the surfers, so Bethany and Adam have the lead for right now. They swim out to the dummy, who weighs nearly 185 pounds, to pull him back to the boat. So where are teams headed next? They are to travel by taxi to Conglobal Industries in Wilmington in the hunt for the next clue.

Meanwhile, the wrestlers finally reach the film set, and they see Phil walking towards them.


Brooke and Robbie are eliminated from the race.

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Memory Meltdown

At Conglobal, Bethany and Adam find another Roadblock. The team member who did not perform the stunt challenge must perform this one, and it looks crazy. Conglobal has in excess of 15,000 shipping containers on the premises, and the racer must find nine specific containers with the names of cities that they visited. Each of these units has a color-coded number, by team, and the competitors must put the numbers in the exact order that they visited each city. Oh, and they cannot take notes. Bethany starts singing a song with the cities and numbers to help remember them.

Amy is the first to make it back and has them in the right order. Maya and Amy are granted access to a shipping container with a clue box and the final clue. The pit stop for The Amazing Race is Point Vincent Lighthouse. The duo hop in a cab, but the driver doesn’t know how to get to the lighthouse. Misti and Bethany both have incorrect numbers the first time, and try again. Bethany makes another mistake, but Misti gets it right. Bethany finally gets it correct.

And the Winner Is…

Maya and Amy win The Amazing Race! Maya is so excited that she jumps up onto Phil and locks her legs around his waist. That is awesome! It is also the third time in the history of the race that an all-female team has won the one million dollar prize.

Misti and Jim take second place, and Bethany and Adam come in third. I must admit that I am bit surprised that the scientists won, but it is a refreshing change to have an underdog team win.

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