Last week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda learned that her daughter Bella had gone rogue and got a DUI while she was vacationing in Europe. How dare she! Where were her parents?! Oh yeah … vacationing in Europe…

On their boat in Mallorca at the start of this week’s episode, “Star Sighting,” Kyle and Mauricio are trying to put on a happy face for Yolanda, and she in turn is trying to keep it together in front of their family. She’s getting constant updates from her husband and her ex-husband about Bella, who apparently had a glass of wine and then drove to the gas station. Yeah, I’m sure that’s the whole story.

In true Kyle fashion, where she has to make everything about her, she comments on how scary it is to be a parent. You do your best for your kids and then hope they’re okay out in the real world. I’m surprised she didn’t take this opportunity to brag about how much better behaved her kids are than Yolanda’s.

Young and Restless

Back in California, Eileen is running lines with her niece and nanny, Annamarie, who she says is the daughter she’s never had. She took some time off work, but after it became a strain on her marriage she decided to go back. She says it solved a lot of their issues, especially their money issues.

She brings her son Jessie to work, like she’s been doing since he was two months old. She’s grateful that she’s always been able to balance her family with her career. She’s back at CBS on The Young and the Restless playing Ashley Abbott, who she’s been playing on and off for 17 years. More recently, she was starring on Days of Our Lives where her character was a little more devious (she raped a priest … yikes). She thinks she’s living her dream by getting to pretend for a living.

Paging Dr. Phil

Lisa’s getting ready to go to Palm Springs. She scolds her housekeeper, Magdalena, for washing Giggy instead of washing Giggy’s suit like she instructed. She’s excited about going to Palm Springs even though it’s going to be 115 degrees.

Yolanda is back stateside and she brought lunch for David at work. She’s still digesting things that happened with Bella. She thanks David for being such a good step-dad and he seems happy enough to oblige. He maintains that Bella is struggling with Middle Child Syndrome. He’s able to diagnose her with this because of his chat with Dr. Phil. He seriously just name-dropped Dr. Phil. Doesn’t he have enough money for a real psychiatrist?

Brandi’s still trying to work on filtering herself for a more family-friendly version of her podcast. Unfortunately, her guest, Vivica A. Fox, didn’t get the memo and she starts dropping f-bombs. And once she starts swearing, Brandi can’t help but match her. So much for Brandi’s “filtered” podcast.

Walking the Pink Carpet

Lisa arrives in Palm Springs where she immediately starts complaining about the heat. Maybe she should be happy that there’s a butler to greet her at the resort with a wine glass of vodka. She’s invited Lisa Rinna to stay with her and go to the celebration. She’s also invited some friends of hers and Kevin Lee — shi shi shi darling!

They all sit down for dinner (even Lisa’s housekeeper, Rocio, gets to enjoy dinner with them!) to talk about Lisa’s son Max’s 36 year-old girlfriend (he’s 22). Lisa says she doesn’t really know her that well and he doesn’t understand their dynamic, but she knows it’s not a battle she’s going to win. She just wants her son to be happy.

At the event, the Walk of Fame rolls out the pink carpet for Lisa, and everyone there to see her is wearing pink. Lance Bass is there to give a speech about what a treasure Lisa’s been, especially to the LBGT community. He also talks about his exposed nipples. Oh, Lance. Never change. Lisa’s very proud of her star on the Walk of Fame and she’s grateful to all of her fans. All in all, it’s a nice moment.

Brooke Gets Married

Kim’s daughter’s wedding is approaching, so Kim takes her first husband and Brooke’s dad, Monty, out for a pedicure. She was married to him when she was 19 and the marriage only lasted two years, but they’ve always remained close. She wanted to take care of him when he was diagnosed with cancer, so he’s been living with her.

Kyle and her family have to ignore their jet lag when getting ready for the wedding. Not to mention how hard it is to be on time in the first place with four daughters.

She manages to get the family out the door and over to her sister Kathy Hilton’s house where the wedding is taking place. Kim looks gorgeous in her nude-colored lace gown, but she’s already so emotional. Kathy takes over the maternal role to comfort Kim, and Kyle is there for her too. Kim’s very thankful to have her sisters with her on one of the most important days of her life. Kyle says she’s happy for Kim to be healthy enough to enjoy this moment.

Brooke and Thayer are married after knowing each other most of their lives. It’s a sweet moment and an important one for Kim. It is really nice to see Kim so happy.

Next week: Finally! We’ll get all of the ‘wives in the same place at the same time and let the drama begin.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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