Last week on Project Runway: All Stars, the designers took a fashion gamble, and that gamble mostly flopped with several sub-par looks. Let’s hope they have a better showing tonight.

Make Me a Match

Alyssa meets the designers on the runway to tell them that this week they’ll be working in pairs to create first date looks for New York singles. Each pair will be responsible for two looks of the two people going out on their first date. Since Sonjia won, she gets to pair the teams off. Whoever wins the challenge will get a spa day from

Sonjia picks Dmitry as her partner because he’s the best (as he’s so quick to point out himself). She’s designing a turquoise wool jersey knit dress for her client Helen, while Dmitry is making an asymmetrical sweater for her date Craig.

Fabio and Jay are working together and they get the only gay couple as clients. Jay is designing for Bryce, who generally just wears jeans and t-shirts. He finds a (borderline offensive) pastel pink at Mood to make a jacket for him to elevate his look. Zanna is worried that it’s not masculine enough so Jay makes the sleeves gray. Fabio is designing for Tarek but wants to steer clear of denim because of his experience with it in the last challenge. He’s making a three-piece look with a layered navy blue jacket. Zanna convinces him in his critique to make the jacket into a short-sleeve shirt.

Sam and Michelle are a pair and Michelle is completely horrified about making menswear again after the disaster that was the Thunder From Down Under challenge in her season. Then she claims to be sick, which I’m not entirely convinced is her actually being sick or if it’s just her having a bad attitude. She’s making a cashmere sweater and trousers for Avind and Sam is making a pencil skirt and crop top for Raquel. Sam sees Michelle struggling but doesn’t offer to help her, which annoys Michelle even more.

Justin and Helen are coupled together and Helen volunteers to do the menswear, but Justin vetoes that decision. He isn’t confident in her ability to do menswear and doesn’t want to see her go home. So he’s making a boring but nice pair of pants and a button down for John. And Helen’s making a cobalt blue shirt dress with a collar. Zanna loves the menswear details on her dress.

The designers dress their singles up for their first dates. All of the designers are excited to see their garments on their clients before they go out. On their dates, everyone seems comfortable with what they’re wearing. They also seem impressed by what their dates have on as well.

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Catch Me a Catch

Joining regular judges Alyssa, Georgina and Isaac this week is Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox.


Sonjia and Dmitry- Everyone loves the turquoise color of Sonjia’s dress, but Georgina doesn’t like the cut-out. Alyssa says it seems a little too much like day wear. Laverne doesn’t love Dmitry’s sweater. Georgina says it looks like he’s been married for 20 years, not on a first date.

Jay and Fabio- Alyssa likes the silhouette on Fabio’s design but Georgina thinks it reads a little too much like hospital scrubs. Georgina likes the details of Jay’s jacket and Alyssa likes the color combination.


Sam and Michelle- Alyssa says Sam’s dress looks like it’s store bought and not custom made. Isaac doesn’t love how he could see her bra on the runway. Georgina thinks the proportions are off. Laverne doesn’t think Michelle’s menswear is fitted enough, but both Alyssa and Georgina like it.

Justin and Helen- Alyssa thinks the fabric is a little too much like pajamas but Georgina thinks the back is really fun. Isaac thinks it looks like maternity wear. He also scolds Justin for making something way too boring and not sexy. Alyssa points out that is well-constructed.

The winner of the challenge is Fabio. It’s his third win of the season but he still doesn’t want to get too comfortable and slip off his game.

Helen and Justin are in bottom which is sad because they’re old friends. Alyssa tells them that they’ve decided to give them both another chance and Georgina gives them a nice pep talk about having failures as designers and needing to overcome.

No new Project Runway next week, but we’ll be back after the holiday!

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