Tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen will crown the season 13 winner. Maybe it’s me, but there haven’t been any stand-outs. From the alliance to the egos, they have forgotten that the guest is the one who matters. Will tonight have the chefs shining or failing?

Four Chefs and Surprises

LaTasha, Bryant, Sade and Jennifer have made it to the final four. Back in the dorms, each tries to focus on their successes but realizes the stakes as they prepare for the next meeting with Ramsay.

The next morning, Ramsay has extra motivation for the chefs. They get to see their families. Bryant’s wife and baby are first. LaTasha’s mom follows and Jennifer sees her children and fiancee. As she cries, Sade offers comfort (isn’t Sade a good sport) as her mom and sister appear. Then Ramsay welcomes the families to Hell’s Kitchen for a visit.

The visit leads to the famous Hell’s Kitchen “Taste it and Make it” contest. The winner will get to spend the day with their family. While each is concentrating hard on their dish, Sade worries that her rabbit is raw. As Ramsay tastes the dishes, he seems happy for a change. Bryant and LaTasha have chosen the wrong protein and get knocked out early. Jennifer and Sade have used rabbit. It comes down to whether Ramsay used cherries (Sade) or sun-dried tomato (Jennifer). Ramsay awards Jennifer a day with her family at Mr. Chow restaurant, arriving in a Ferrari. The rest must pack up the dorms and work with Marino on preparations for the 200th dinner service.

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Dinner Service

As the chefs work, Ramsay tells them that each will run the pass. Oh goodie, it’s sabotage time and two will leave Hell’s Kitchen. With it being a special event, Marino is looking professional as the doors open for the stars. He’s quick so let’s hope the chefs are too.

Orders come in and Ramsay gets Hell’s Kitchen off to a strong start. Sade is up first and manages to meet each challenge from the pass. I think she may have been a little aggressive by calling Marino back with a question, but she does catch the sabotage. LaTasha can call an order but she misses the sabotage and doesn’t have Bryant’s respect. Jennifer and the team just don’t jive. She gets no help from the brigade and misses the sabotage as well. It looks like she’ll definitely be in the bottom two, but she bounces back! Bryant steps up with a strong voice. He knows to watch Andi, but goofs. He does catch the puree and gets a “well done” from Ramsay. It looks like Sade and Bryant were the strongest.

The Results

Ramsay sends the chefs back to decide who shouldn’t continue in the competition. Come on, they all think they are the best. When they return to Hell’s Kitchen, Jennifer gets dismissed because she’s not quite ready to run a kitchen. Ramsay then asks each to plead their case. Each one shares their strengths. Ramsay finds it difficult, but tells LaTasha she made the finals.

It’s down to Bryant and Sade with Bryant making it to the final two. Come on, Ramsay. Sade was better than him. Ramsay tells Sade that she has improved so much. Ramsay is going to have someone from his London office call and discuss opportunities with her. She may not have won, but she may have gotten the best deal.

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The Final Two

After being selected, Bryant and LaTasha go to the dorms to celebrate. Both have gifts waiting and will go to Palm Springs in the morning on a private plane.They both start planning their menus with Bryant keeping it simple and LaTasha going complex.

The Reward then Challenge

The chefs are greeted by Marino in Palm Springs. A tram takes them up the cliff to Parker (Palm Springs), where they meet the owner. As they relax, you know that it won’t last long. When they return to LA, they have 24 hours to prepare. At the airport, they are greeted by an audience waiting for the final challenge of Hell’s Kitchen season 13. They will cook in a special kitchen with Andi and James to help. In one hour, they must complete five dishes… and they’re off!

The chefs finish the challenge and the people who will make up their brigades enter. The returning cooks are Ashley, Frank, Fernando, Sterling, Santos, Roe, Jennifer and Sade. The dishes will be graded by Michelin star chefs on a scale of one to 10. With the first judge, Randy, LaTasha wins. Josiah awards his scores for the second dish resulting in a tie. Matthew gives Bryant a one-point lead but Dominique gives LaTasha a perfect 10 and places her in the lead. The final judge, David, gives the win to LaTasha.

LaTasha’s team consists of Sade, Roe, Fernando and Ashley. She believes in dictatorship and doesn’t see the problems that Sade may have with no help on appetizers. Bryant has Jennifer, Sterling, Santos and Frank and is willing to listen to others. Santos has hurt feelings because of where he was picked. Santos, this isn’t the playground. Upon seeing the dishes, Ramsay likes Bryant’s. He has some issues with the plating of LaTasha’s dishes.

The Service

Hell’s Kitchen opens for the final dinner. Each chef wants perfection. LaTasha is harsh, while Bryant offers suggestions and pulls chefs to new stations when needed. LaTasha’s team is quickly serving everyone even with Fernando’s mistakes on the fish. Bryant’s dishes are late until Sterling steps up to the fish station. Sterling shines as Frank sinks Bryant’s chance to win. Bryant finally throws Frank out of the kitchen.

And the Winner Is

LaTasha and Bryant thank their teams as Ramsay considers the comment cards. Ramsay calls them to the office for his decision. Stepping up to the door, Ramsay’s new head chef is LaTasha! And the celebration begins.

Hell’s Kitchen will return in March for the spring season of the show. As we watch the celebration, I have to wonder: Will next season’s chefs be cooks or schemers? We won’t have to wait too long to find out!

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Linda Martindale

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